Google’s Ian Beer Releases iOS 11.1.2 tfp0 Exploit For Potential Jailbreak

Ian Beer, Google’s Project Zero team member has stayed on his words with the release of a kernel-level bug for iOS 11.1.2 and below.

A few days ago Beer originally teased the bug in IOSurface with the first and only tweet at that time from his new Twitter account. Six days later, he has taken to his Twitter again to confirm “iOS 11.1.2, now with more kernel debugging.”

He also made an announcement with the initial tweet simply saying “iOS 11.1.2, now with more kernel debugging,” and also pushed a direct link to the bug and all associated information on the website here. It was then followed by another tweet immediately with one confirming that the published tfp0-level bug ‘should work for all devices.” The security researcher from Google’s Project Zero also admits that he has only been able to test on the devices that he has access to, which in this instance is stipulated as iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, and iPod touch 6.

In fact, developers like Jonathan Levin has also been keen to reiterate which it is not the same as a fully functioning jailbreak, though cannot be used by an average Joe as such. There is no confirmation regarding Ian Beer or Jonathan Levin together working on putting a jailbreak, but that the work of each individual gets someone with the technical knowledge and capability a huge head start should they wish to work on pushing something out into the community to support 64-bit devices jailbreaking running iOS 11.1.2 or below.

Currently, we have the start of a jailbreak toolkit and a kernel-level bug for iOS 11.1.2 devices and below. And yes, it’s a good starting point for someone out there with the necessary knowledge and ability to take everything that’s literally been put on a plate and turn it into something usable for the eager jailbreak community.

(Source: @i41nbeer [Twitter])

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