Facts: iOS 11.3 Beta 2 Expected Download & Release Date, Battery Fixes, And More

Apple’s announcement statement of iOS 11.3 confirmed the timing of its promised power management toggle, allowing customers with an iPhone 6 through iPhone 7 Plus to disable the function. It is also said that the next iOS 11.3 beta will get throttling kill switch functionality. More than that, we also have an apparent release date of iOS 11.3 beta 2 download link.

Developers and registered public testers already have the ability to sink their teeth into iOS 11.3 beta 1, but the question is, when will Apple release the second pre-release seed?

Following a report that the US government is investigating Apple’s power management function that allows down some older iPhone models, Apple indeed issued a statement regarding it, confirming that it has “received questions from some government agancies” and is “responding to them.”

Typically speaking, Apple takes at least two weeks between the release of the initial beta of a platform update and the subsequent second release. Betas after second and next seeds usually have a week interval between them. This allows Apple to get the initial release out containing a number of the new and advertised features of the platform, also being able to work on sime improvements and larger feature additions in the background which will be released in the second beta, and beyond.

When iOS 11.3 is concerned, this will likely include the new battery management features, which have been negatively discussed as part of the discovery involving Apple’s deliberate throttling of CPUs on older iOS devices with depleted batteries.

Apple’s power management function added a “Reserve a Battery” option to its supported website in Canada. This same system, not available elsewhere yet, allows customers with an iPhone 6 or newer to reserve a battery online and have Apple contact them when a battery is available at their preferred Apple Store.

Keeping that in mind, we estimate Apple will push out the second pre-release seed of iOS 11.3 sometime around Tuesday, February 6th. By then, Apple should have had enough time to consider the received feedback and defect reports on board and make some fixes. Also added in some of iOS 11.3 features which are yet to be implemented, like the battery management improvements and a potential redesign of the native Books app.

That ensuring the facts that any issues, defects, or bug reports are issued directly to Apple to fix and implement changes which will hopefully be part of iOS 11.3 beta 2.

And the system can be found by signing into your Apple ID on Apple’s Get Support page and selecting Battery, Power, and Charging -> Battery Replacement -> Reserve a Battery. These steps can also be completed in the Apple Store app on your iPhone itself without needing to enter a serial number.

Apple said batteries for all other eligible iPhones were expected to be available “without extended delays” in most countries. While Apple has yet to add a dedicated “Reserve a Battery” slot/button to its U.S. support site, where the company asking customers who need a battery replacement to contact Apple support via a phone call or online chat session to reserve a battery before visiting an Apple Store.

Update: Calling ahead of time for a battery replacement should prevent customers from going to an Apple Store only to find that the necessary battery is out of stock.

That expected date for iOS 11.3 beta 2 of Tuesday, February 6th, gives us all something to look forward to. Let us take some time to anticipate what Apple brings with this version.

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