iOS 11.3 Beta 5 Expected Release Date And More Details

Here’s what we can expect from Apple’s next version of iOS 11, new iOS 11.3 beta 5 will likely to bring more detailed features. As Apple performed what seems like miracles to push out a number of updates to the iOS 11 platform, have also seen bug fixes and security issues, whereas others have introduced new functionality or minor enhancements.

With iOS 11.3 currently in an advanced testing stage, many developers, testers, and even general public device owners are arguing when Apple will push out the next incremental pre-release seed and take us one step ahead to a final release?

Historically, certain departments and actions within Apple exist, also operate with almost predictable routine and precision. That means that once you analyze certain behavior and patterns you can start to understand what is certainly the company’s next steps as far as pre-release seeds go.

Thus far, Apple has been distributing developer and tester builds of iOS 11.3 with two-week intervals time, so, normally, we could expect the next release to continue for the foreseeable. However, we have somewhat of a curveball during March in that Apple is expected to hold its spring event sometime this month.

For a reason, we now believe Apple will likely shorten the timespan between builds to get iOS 11.3 beta 5 into the hands of developers and testers this coming Monday, March 12 – one week after seeding beta 4. Or else, getting out of more frequent beta releases will allow feeling comfortable that it can actually flip the switch on the full and final public release immediately after this month’s speculated spring event.

Anything can happen, it’s all in the hands of Apple, which have been working on in terms of product and service improvements but even better when the public can walk away from viewing those media events with an immediate firmware download to start using and interacting with.

When iOS 11.3 is concerned, iPhone and iPad owners can expect a firmware release that brings huge improvements to the native Messages app, including new Animoji improvements, Messages in iCloud and even more than the integration of a new Business Chat feature. If so, Apple also made improvements to Health data, ARKit, and several other aspects of the platform. All-in-all, to a lot of users, iOS 11.3 is like yet another big update for iOS, those who may be jumping from iOS 10 with some great new enhancements to interact with.

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