iOS 11.3 Final Firmware Code Hints At New Pride Face For Apple Watch

After introducing 9.7-inch iPad, Apple has also made available iOS 11.3 final version firmware download for the said device prior to the software going out to the public for every other device.

However, Apple tends to keep a feature or two back during the beta process, only adding them in that final or Golden Master release. Thinkers have also been looking through this 9.7-inch iPad specific final firmware release in order to see what’s new. As comes inside with the likes of 9to5Mac reports, there might be something new, but it’s not exactly to something you might expect.

According to that report, there are new references to an equally new watch face, potentially set to arrive as part of watchOS 4.3. The new pride face will apparently be made up of “ribbons of pride undulate independently in surprising patterns as they approach consolidation.”

The strings too were apparently spotted inside what developer Guilherme Rambo describes as an accessibility bundle. This is a component that is used relatively to provide audio descriptions of features within iOS for those who are visually impaired. The possibility is that this bundle will be one that is used for the Apple Watch app on iOS, the same app that is used for configuring an Apple Watch.

If not, Apple has a history of pride related accessories, selling a pride watch band for a period of time, although it is no longer available.

The arrival of a pride watch faces plenty of sense given Apple’s past support for pride as a whole. We also expect to learn more about this either when iOS 11.3 ships for all potential devices or watchOS 4.3 final arrives on the Apple Watch. Stay tuned for more updates!

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