iOS 11.3 Final Version Will Be Released Next Week, Says iPhone Accessory Maker

If anything to become accurate, iOS 11.3 final version will be released as soon as next week, complete with fixes for a bug that can result in its microphones malfunctioning. According to iPhone audio accessory maker Shure, who claims to see the official final version release of iOS 11.3 next week itself.

The company who makes a range of Lightning-connected microphones for use with iOS devices, and it appears that they have been experiencing issues when plugged into an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X. As per the report coming from the firm, also suggests, those problems will relatively go away once iOS 11.3 finally be released next week.

Originally, this news comes after Shure replied to a user on Twitter – complaining about missed audio recordings when using one of the firm’s Lightning microphones. He also informed its customer that the problem is not only iOS related but rather the issue is resolved in iOS 11.3. Furthermore, he says that iOS 11.3 will be available as of next week, something that Apple has not officially confirmed publicly.

What’s unusual is for third-party accessory makers to know Apple’s iOS release plans. It’s also possible the company has told Shure for the solution to whatever particular bug is at play here, confirming everything by next week, will see the fix becoming available for all users.

The iOS 11.3 betas are currently available in its third incarnation, with four new Animoji characters and battery health features included. Apple had previously simply said that iOS 11.3 would arrive in order to fix this spring. That theoretically covers any time from late March to late June. Although it’s possible the release could arrive ahead of schedule. We cannot imagine Shure telling customers that iOS 11.3 would ship next week without some modicum of confidence in that case, but we really, in fact, are not convinced ourselves.

We’ll know by this time next week whether Shure was right or not, but just hope it was happening. If only for the sake of its Twitter timeline!

(Via: 9to5Mac)

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