iOS 11.3.1 Compatible Tweaks On Cydia For Electra Jailbreak [List]

In the world of iOS jailbreaking, you will definitely be free from Apple’s restrictions and protection of paid apps. Remember the days when a jailbreak was released and very much all tweaks and offerings worked pretty well flawlessly. Unfortunately, those days are gone now, meaning that we only need to continually be tracking which packages offer compatibility, and, perhaps more importantly, which ones don’t!

Modern jailbreaking is patched, though. But today it has been regenerated with the help of Electra1131 jailbreak solution. Jailbreakers can now expect a new liberation to take an eternity to come to market.

Those same jailbreakers also expect a fairly high percentage of tweaks and compatible packages to be broken with the latest modern versions of iOS. For the developers to take a prolonged period of time to actually get their wares up and running as far as compatibility is concerned. All of that is now expected and accepted by a community which has had to redefine its expectations.

Where does that leave the Electra iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak in terms of compatible tweaks and packages?

Thanks to CoolStar and his team for shipping Electra1131 with what they are calling the Project Repo-unclutter tool built-in. This appears to be an internal database that restricts visibility of tools and packages within Cydia hosted on default repositories that aren’t compatible with the jailbroken version of firmware on the device.

Additionally, there’s still useful tweaks compatibility list sheet – created and offered by the Electra team here. These acts as a single resource for jailbreakers to note down any packages that they know to be working, partially working or entirely broken as far as iOS 11.3.1 is concerned.

Previous sheets of this nature, it exists to be informative and preventative. That is something shown as partially working and causing resprings, or entirely broken, then it’s worth leading that info and not even attempting to install it on your device. If Electra does its job perfectly and ships with a decent initial database of non-compatible solutions, then the risk of actually being able to install corrupted or non-compatible tweaks should be hugely minimized.

Those who are planning on jailbreaking, then check out the list of compatible tweaks below. And also make sure that you are armed with the necessary information to make the correct decisions.

The list here is continually updated one so make sure you check back to see more updates!

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