Libertas Release Set: An iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Detection Bypass App Works For 90+ Apps, Coming Soon

Announced via Twitter, Libertas is one of the jailbreak detection bypass apps apparently targets no fewer than nine different techniques that are used by apps in order to allow them to check whether an iPhone or iPad is jailbroken. Before we go forward explaining about how to bypass jailbreak detection for apps, we have to notice something else.

The folks behind Electra Jailbreak have been behaving away to get the building blocks in place to allow users to keep using apps that would otherwise not work on jailbroken devices. After announcing a new jailbreak detection thwarting mechanism on the way soon, the team has now given a literal sound.

Now we have new confirmation from one jailbreak developer that something in the pipeline, and it’s called Libertas, which has already been tested on more than 90 apps. It should mean that Libertas has a fairly decent chance of making your favorite app work, which is something that not all anti-jailbreak detection options are capable of.

Libertas means according to the dictionary, the ancient Roman personification of liberty. While Electra jailbreak team is pushing it out as to bypass iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak detection app. For those unfamiliar with jailbreak detection, it’s a mechanism that Libertas allows apps to tell whether a device is jailbroken and then refuse to run if that is the exact case.

Indeed, this is mostly used by financial apps like banking that your bank may offer. But some games including Fortnite are also using jailbreak detection as a way of trying to prevent cheaters from taking over games.

With something like Libertas in effect, the whole thing like this may no longer be viable.

We’ll know more this Friday. About Libertas

Coming this Friday, July 27. Libertas, the huge, worst jailbreak detection bypass tweak ever. Targeting 9 distinct techniques, Libertas is also confirmed working with more than ninety of your favorite apps.

If you’ve been stuck unable to use a vital app or play an avid game on your jailbroken iOS device, then this may just be the biggest answer to your players.

(Source: Umang Raghuvamshi [Twitter])

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