This Researcher Successfully Jailbreaks iOS 11.3 With Cydia Running On iPhone

Chinese hacker and security researcher Ming Zheng – who currently plies his trade at Alibaba Labs – has confirmed that he has managed to successfully jailbreak iOS 11.3. This revolution follows on from his earlier successful post published on social media where he confirmed that he had managed to achieve root shell access on the platform.

His previous tweet also shared progress on the work that he was undertaking with Apple’s iOS 11.3 platform but had also stated that it wasn’t actually a jailbreak due to the fact that he wasn’t able to remount rootfs and get R/W privileges to install Cydia.

The latest tweet comes with the words “This time. It’s a real JB now” which also confirms that the researcher has overcome some of the previous issues and actually get Cydia installed on the device. The tweet also contained two accompanying screenshots showing Cydia on the iPhone’s Home screen along with the root shell access showing the existence of in the /Applications folder.

It’s more than exciting to see that progress has been made from Zheng’s side but it’s a little too early to be getting excited enough about exactly what this means for the community as a whole. It’s likely that the said researcher has been able to jailbreak the device running on iOS 11.3 and get Cydia installed using complex methods which involve a lot of work from the command line. Well, this is not going to be a suitable solution for any device owner who wants to be liberated on iOS 11.3 and of course, they’ll need some additional work to package everything together into a tool which can be released to the community.

With all said, there isn’t any official confirmation that Zheng is willing to undertake that work and provide something useful to community. If we were to guess it, we would say that it’s highly impossible that Zheng will share his work with the public in the form of a jailbreak tool.

For the next public jailbreak, iOS 11.2.6 still looks like the best bet to us, followed by iOS 11.3 but only if Ian Beer’s POC exploit is turned into a usable jailbreak.

Apple has recently stopped signing iOS 11.3 firmware, meaning that anyone upgrading to iOS 11.3.1 or beyond will have an incredibly difficult – if not impossible – time downgrading back to a vulnerable version of iOS. Stick to iOS 11.2.x or iOS 11.3.0 if you want to have any chance of jailbreaking your device in future. You’ve been warned!

(Source: @SparkZheng [Twitter])

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