Here’s When iOS 11.4 Beta 4 Is Expected To Be Released

When are you expecting Apple Inc. push out the next pre-release seed for the upcoming iOS 11.4 platform?

That’s the doubt of all developers and public beta testers who are involved in making the iOS platform as great as it can possibly be. We’re going to try and answer that question based on what we currently know and our understanding of Apple’s historical behavior.

Just recently after seeding the third pre-release build of its iOS 11.4 platform, Apple has so far pushed out three beta seeds. Those seeds have given registered members on Apple Developer Program as well as on Public Beta Software Program testers an opportunity to put the platform through its paces, interact with any new features, issues or functionality, and give timely feedback to Apple watch will allow internal engineers to focus efforts on key areas of concern.

Now, with this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) and iOS 12 unveil time alongside its subsequent beta release of that just around the corner, we also have details on what iOS 13 in favor of. We expect Apple to ramp up in the pace in order to get future versions of iOS 11.4 into the hands of testers quickly.

With that in mind, we doubt Apple to release iOS 11.4 beta 4 this coming Tuesday, May 8 and then continue to follow faster release roadmap until the final public version goes live.

There’s no doubt that Tim Cook’s company will want to have iOS 11.4 polished and in the hands of the public before that happens, meaning that pre-release seeds now need to come thick and active in order to grab that.

Where iOS 11.4 is concerned, iPhone and iPad owners can expect a release which has some new functionality but which focuses primarily on stability. Apple’s new ClassKit framework makes an appearance with iOS 11.4 and underlying developer-concept SDK, Messages on iCloud has again reemerged after being pulled from the iOS 11.3 release. Apple is said to be working on including AirPlay 2 functionality which puts Apple TV back into the Home app and gives Siri additional power to be able to take instruction on one device and carry out the action on an AirPlay 2-enabled device, such as playing music on Apple TV in a different room, for instance.

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