When To Expect iOS 11.4 Beta 5 And Final Version Release Date? Here’s What You Need To Know

Apple is all set to take iOS 11.4 to the next part of its journey and release the fifth pre-release seed into the testing community. But when? That’s the very question on everyone’s lips as we count down the days until this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference. What do you say?

When Apple will finally reveal the next – and somewhat potentially one of the last – betas of iOS 11. With this year’s WWDC fast approaching, the initial unveiling of iOS 12 is just around the corner. We expect Apple may take the development pace of iOS 11.4 up a new notches and release the next pre-release seed this coming Monday (May 14) or Tuesday (May 15), with the final version arriving soon after a week later on May 21 or May 22.

Guesswork has been done for the aforementioned release facts. If accurate, that also gives approximately 48072 hours before Apple rolls out the next seed into the testing community.

We actually don’t expect iOS 11.4 beta 5 will include any real surprises or packs any punches in terms of new additions of features that we haven’t already seen as part of this process. Well, we are in the path of the development process, we do expect to see a much more polished piece of software which we feel like it could go live to the general public with compatible iPhone and iPad hardware at any time.

As far as the platform is concerned, developers and public beta testers should already know what it is going to offer. After all, this will be the fifth pre-release seed in the iOS 11.4 roadmap, meaning that all testers should have already gotten knowledge with any new features, functionality, and improvements. However, from a public perspective, iOS 11.4 is definitely going to offer a suite of improvements and stability enhancements, as well as will also contain previously removed inclusions back with the introduction of some new features and functionality, which will be public-facing and developer-facing.

Using the iOS 11.4 firmware, Apple also using associated SDK to introduce the education-based ClassKit framework which was initially announced during its last Field Trip event in Chicago. The much-discussed Messages on iCloud will make a reappearance, both in iOS and macOS, charged with the adjustments and the ability to store all iMessage conversations in Apple’s Cloud servers and then synced seemingly across all devices. AirPlay 2 is also present in iOS 11.4, otherwise, offering multi-room audio across compatible devices and visibility once again for Apple TV in the Home app.

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