iOS 11.4 Final Version Download Expected Release Date

As we are not too far from Apple’s opening WWDC 2018 keynote. In addition to being the beginning of one of the biggest tech conferences in the calendar, which also means that we are days away from getting our first glimpse of iOS 12. But, with that in mind, where does that leave iOS 11.4 final and its public unveiling?

Apple has put iOS 11.4 for the internal testing period with registered developers and testers for a while now. The roadmap included six pre-release seeds finding their way into the hands of the aforementioned testers, resulting in tons of feedback being received by Apple.

It has been translated by Apple’s internal engineers and turned into a new pre-release seed each time, which, will hopefully put us in a position to get iOS 11.4 on a public domain? However, when can the average iPhone and iPad owner expect to receive that update?

There’s still no exact timeframe for that as yet. Given the fact that Worldwide Developer Conference is around the corner, and that it will result in iOS 12 beta 1 being released to developers. As we’re currently had six pre-release seeds of iOS 11.4 that’s extremely stable now, we suspect Apple to push iOS 11.4 final out into the public this coming Tuesday, May 29th.

Notably, iOS 12 final release is set to conclude in September alongside new iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, and other products. With iOS 12 beta 1 coming out on June 4th, Apple definitely does not want developers to halve their attention between iOS 11.4 and iOS 12. All this means that it really needs to get that public release out of the way to remove iOS 11.4 from the testing equation.

May 29th is also the most likely date for that to happen because May 28th is Memorial Day in the United States. Combine everything with the fact that the beta configuration profile of iOS 11.4 beta has already expired with Apple not posting a renewed profile, it’s very much given that final public release is forthcoming.

Once the imminent release goes live, public owners of iPhone and iPad will be able to head over to the Software Update mechanism in the native Settings app and also grab the release immediately. That download will include a host of bug fixes and patches, security enhancements, performance improvements, and even AirPlay 2 and Messages on iCloud functionality.

Once it’s released to public, it’s then a case of welcoming the iOS 12 madness and watching as registered developers – and ultimately public testers – get to grips with all that iOS 12 offers.

Are you currently running iOS 11.3.x, and have been waiting for iOS 12, then mark the day Tuesday, May 29th in your diary as the pretty likely release date of iOS 11.4 final version.

Stay tuned to learn more:

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