iOS 11.4 Jailbreak With Working Cydia Demo [Video]

The world is waiting for Electra update offering iOS 11.3.1 liberation support and today we have witnessed another jailbroken version of iOS 11.4 live.

Security researcher and 2018 Pwn2Own champion, Richard Zhu, has teased a video which shows a jailbroken device running Apple’s latest firmware, the iOS 11.4.

For you and all in the jailbreak community, the question about whether or not Zhu is actually a legitimate authority when it comes to security research and whether he is capable or not in putting a jailbreak of this magnitude.

iOS 11.4 Gets Jailbroken With Working Cydia

The first point is that he may not be extremely well-known in this community but the fact that he is the 2018 Pwn2Own champion, found serious vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge and Firefox browser, who also given $120,000 in reward money for his findings. If this should be enough information knowing about him to convince even the most skeptical that this jailbreak is legit.

Whether or not his created jailbreak will be released into the community is another story, but the video itself starts off by showing that the device is running the latest available firmware with iOS 11.4 already installed. It then moves to Cydia, showing the app icon on the Springboard and showing Cydia being loaded, albeit with errors.

If not Zhu dives into the Terminal app on the jailbroken device and pumps in a few commands to show that the iOS 11.4 running device indeed have root access thanks to the payload within the jailbreak.

Given how quickly that this has been put together, it would be logical to assume that Zhu has been working on putting together a jailbreak for earlier versions of iOS, with the main exploits still applicable in iOS 11.4 – that allowed for this video to be shared so immediately.

Currently, we have got no idea whether the jailbreak is legitimate and whether or not it will ever see the light of day, as Zhu has provided no additional information about the solution, including any intention to share his work with the world altogether.

For now, we need to remain positive about the fact – it’s now been proven that iOS 11.4 can be liberated. Again, we need to wait to see if anything comes of this or if it’s just a demonstration of his own capabilities.

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