iOS 11.4.1 To iOS 14 Beta 3 Downgrade For Jailbreak No Longer Possible, Reason Why?

That’s because Apple Inc. has officially stopped signing in its iOS 11.4 firmware approximately one week after releasing iOS 11.4.1 final. This move means that device owners are no longer able to downgrade from iOS 11.4.1 to another lower version of Apple’s mobile firmware.

The Cupertino-based company’s CEO Tim Cook dropped iOS 11.4.1 last week containing a plethora of bug fixes, under-the-hood enhancements, and overall improvements that should stabilize and eradicate any issues found within the iOS 11.4 release into the public domain. With that release now find its way onto devices around the world, and the majority of iPhone and iPad owners are well aware of Apple’s commitment to continually updating and releasing new versions of iOS.

Now, Apple has decided to stop signing iOS 11.4 final as well as iOS 11.4 beta 3, which will really only have a large effect on would-be jailbreakers looking to downgrade.

However, where jailbreaking is concerned, it’s always been a wonderful situation if device owners have the opportunity to roll back their iOS firmware should they need to do so. With the Electra jailbreak only supporting iOS 11.4 beta 3, some would-be jailbreakers have been taking the opportunity to take that backward step and liberate themselves using the aforementioned jailbreak. The decision Apple relating to iOS 11.4 has now put an immediate stop to that process.

For those of you who aren’t interested in a jailbreak then iOS 11.4.1 is one definitely an installation worth having. Indeed, iOS 11.4 release brings in Messages on iCloud and AirPlay 2 support, which works wonderfully with updated HomePod hardware. iOS 11.4.1 doesn’t actually expose brand new features but it does contain something of streamlining that iOS 11.4 release and ensuring that every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners get the best possible experience across all supported hardware.

iOS 11.4.1 may be the last version of iOS 11 to be released into the general public domain for consumption ahead of an official iOS 12 public release. Apple is currently working on and developing iOS 12 features with developers testing and public testers rejoice. The next major release as far as Apple’s mobile platform is concerned could be the first public unveiling of iOS 12 this coming September. Happy ending!

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