iOS 12 Adds Support For Two Faces In Face ID, Alternative Appearance, And Automatic OTA Software Update

With iOS 12 firmware here, Apple has unveiled a whole host of new software updates during the WWDC 2018 opening keynote and continually offered several things to say we are starting to learn more about the software which was made available as an initial developer beta right then.

Face ID currently doesn’t work in landscape orientation on iPhone X, but iOS 12 could change that in the next update. During the keynote, there was more to learn once people began installing the software at home, and two of those things caught our eyes.

What appears to be additional support for multiple users via Face ID authentication. Currently, iPhone X owners can register just one face with Face ID, but in iOS 12 there is a new option that allows users to “Setup An Alternative Appearance.”

In addition to continuously learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance.

Unfortunately, this does not specifically mention support for setting two different people up for access to one device, but some users have confirmed this to work just fine with iOS 12 installed. It remains unclear whether this could be used to enable something like a multi-user mode on an iPad, for example.

Moving on we have a new option which allows for iOS updates to be automatically downloaded in a similar way to how App Store updates can be configured. Details on how this work is minimal as of right now, but it’s likely that the setting will allow iPhones and iPads to auto download and install system OTA updates without any user interaction, likely overnight when they are on charge. You can find this feature in Settings > General > Software Update and it appears to be set to off by default.

Same as this process is already available to macOS users, again with portable Macs requiring power be connected in order to ensure a loss of battery power cannot halt an update part way through.

With iOS 12 beta 1 is currently still in first developer release and will likely see many more ahead of an expected September launch window. Expect features to come, go and change in the coming months.

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