New in iOS 12: Apple Adds ‘Copy Link’ Feature For Sharing Photos Using iCloud URL In Photos App

Apple is making it easier for iOS 12 users to quickly share photos with others via the public iCloud link. A new feature in iOS 12 adds a ‘Copy Link’ in the Photos app. As discovered by a Redditor in the latest iOS 12 beta.

The third pre-release of the next version of the iPhone and iPad software iOS 12 is now in the hands of developers and with it comes a new feature that is yet unannounced. If so, that could prove very helpful for anyone who shares photos with friends and family, because with iOS 12 beta 3 installed they can now generate and share iCloud links to images right from the Photos app.

Using the new ‘Copy Link’ option you can generate an iCloud URL which you can then share with your dearest. The generated URL is valid for 30 days, and it offers the users to view the shared photos as well as download it. And the photos in question are shared with their proper EXIF data including their location information, that was in place will be stripped when the upload takes place, preserving privacy, photo’s name, and more.

The new sharing option, which was not in previous beta versions of iOS 12 update, appears now at the bottom of the iOS Share Sheet. It allows users who are using iCloud Photos to copy a unique, URL for one or multiple images that can then be shared with everyone. The URLs have a valid expiry date.

When a recipient receives the URL, they will be taken to a web page where it contains the image, or images that have been shared. If that sharing is done via the Messages App then users will also see a rich preview of the image in-line with their chats in the Messages app.

Importantly, however, this is one addition that will prove highly useful for those who live in Apple’s Photos ecosystem and need to be able to share images with people who may not be able to receive those images via email or other channels.

The ‘Copy Link’ shows up when you try to share one or multiple photos from the stock Photos app in iOS 12. Sharing the said link in the Messages app will also display a preview of the picture being shared.

Finally, this feature will definitely make sharing photos easier in iOS 12 for a lot of users. Another positive side effect of this change is that users will also be able to share their photos in its original high-resolution state without any editing or downscaling. It is unclear if the space taken by the shared photos will count against your limited 5GB iCloud storage quota or not.

Given the fact that the recipient of shared photos doesn’t have to be an Apple Photo user and is also not required to have iCloud/Apple ID in order to see the shared photos.

(Source: Reddit)

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