Download: iOS 12 Beta 2 Released For iPhone And iPad [Testers]

iOS 12 beta 2 is now available as a software update on any compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.

Apple has officially released iOS 12 developer beta 2 with immediate effect. The release means everything for developers and testers who can now download and install the second pre-release seed of iOS 12 after initially being introduced during the opening WWDC 2018 keynote earlier this month.

The first introduction of iOS 12 beta 1 has been made at the event. After all, as well as being a week-long developer-facing conference, WWDC has become synonymous with the release of the initial beta of the next major version of Apple’s iOS platform.

To that extent, the release of second pre-release seed was expected but still very welcome. Now, after giving developers a chance to preview and get an initial feel and understanding of iOS 12 features, the company has officially pumped the second pre-release seed out into the development community.

Where iOS 12 is concerned, developers and testers alike are going to be able to continue to interact with each and every perk with a platform that has been built and released with stability in mind rather than overbearing new additions and functionality.

In fact, Apple looked to try and ensure that iOS 12 is able to support as many devices as possible but also that it will run with stability and speed on all of that hardware.

In order to achieve this, the Cupertino-based company has built iOS 12 with huge tweaks, under-the-hood refinements and refactoring to ensure that it is as stable as possible and offers speed improvements at almost every point.

The improvement and the functions in the iOS 12 beta release include dramatic speed enhancements as far as app loading and keyboard displaying is concerned. This may not seem like much to be considering users interact with apps and keyboards constantly, it dramatically improves the overall experience.

Apple has also pushed many new features into iOS 12, such as Siri Shortcuts, Memoji, a brand new Measure app built on top of ARKit, introduces updates to the Photos app, and also brought a new sync feature into the Voice Memo app, among many other changes.

However, the biggest and potentially the best improvements is the new Screen Time app which instantly tells a device owner how much is being spent on the device and in what areas. This is one part of Apple’s commitment to try and break an addiction to devices and give power back to the user.

iOS 12 beta 2 can be downloaded as an over-the-air update or as an IPSW download right from Settings > General > Software Update and respectively.

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