AirPlay 2 Update For AirPort Express In Home App Reappears In iOS 12 Beta

A couple of weeks ago Apple’s AirPort Express which was discontinued has been noted appearing again in the Home app, showed up in the recently released iOS 12 beta 1. It was the second time that it has appeared as a possible HomeKit accessory and AirPlay 2 target and done nothing when selected.

The very fact that it appeared at all suggested that there may be more to this than a simple bug. Although it could not be added as a peripheral via the usual setup process, AirPlay 2 might still be a possibility for Apple’s AirPort Express in the iOS 12 firmware.

Now, the users of iOS 12 beta 2 which is in the hands of developers around the globe have once again spotted it, though AirPort Express devices can still not quite be configured.

Device owners with iOS 12 beta 2 installed have begun to note, the AirPort Express continues to appear in the Home app, but this time the app suggests that a new update needs to be applied to the iPhone. AirPlay 2 update was able to verify the appearance of the 2012 redesign of the AirPort Express in the Home app, and after the second beta, the Home app pops up an alert that an AirPort Express update is available and needs to be applied.

However, no update is now available to download, and the app setup fails in the same manner as the first iOS 12 beta Home app did.

The last time the AirPort Express received an update, back in 2017, and Apple’s AirPlay 2 was not available at that time. The appearance of the AirPort Express in the Home app does suggest that we could be in for added AirPlay 2 support at some point in the future. Thus giving owners of such devices an easy and relatively cheap way to get AirPlay 2 into their homes by adding speakers.

This is now the third time that the AirPort Express has appeared as a HomeKit accessory and potential future AirPlay 2 target. The refinement of the process in iOS 12 is the best sign so far that the peripheral will be added as an AirPlay 2 compatible bridge for wired speakers. It is also possible that the AirPort Express will simply disappear from the Home app in a future iOS 12 beta or even the final release.

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