iOS 12 Beta 3 And Public Beta 1 Expected Release Date

No idea when Apple will push the button in order to introduce the next pre-release seed of iOS 12 and got nothing on when public testers are able to get their hands on the first public beta of iOS 12. Two very important aspects which we are going to answer for you, right here!

Developers of iOS beta who regularly build software for Apple’s iPhone and iPad hardware currently have access to the second pre-release seed of iOS 12, iOS 12 beta 2.

With the initial seed of Apple’s iOS 12 with a secondary release allowing developers to interact with to get a feel for how quickly the platform will progress in terms of stability and overall ease-of-use.

Indeed, iOS 12 beta 1 was extremely stable, so we expect this to be a seamless and impressive development period ahead of September release frame. But, what about iOS 12 beta 3 for developers and public beta 1 for testers?

Apple usually rolls out public betas for testing alongside or a day after the first developer seed, and this time around, Apple is extremely passionate about having as many people test the iOS platform as possible. The company didn’t made available of iOS 12 public beta for testers as yet, we expect that testing pool to dramatically increase with the next release.

In all honesty, this will filter through as iOS 12 beta 3 and iOS 12 public beta 1 – both of which will be exact same builds but will be carrying different numbers for differentiation – and we expect the, to land on our devices on or before Monday, July 2nd, or Tuesday, July 3rd.

Those predictions are based on previous release history and only trying to predict future behavior based on Apple’s historical patterns. Given how Apple usually operates, we could expect developers, as well as public testers, benefit from the third iOS 12 beta and from first iOS 12 beta for public testers on July 2nd or 3rd.

If these predictions are to be believed or accurate enough, then iOS 12 will have a hug testing period paying attention to it very soon. These exact release would mean that Apple will instantly be getting in touch with developers in order getting a higher level of feedback about any niggles and how it’s performing across all compatible hardware. Apart from that, it also means that the company will have more data to feed to its internal engineers to fix bugs, niggles, and errors as quickly as possible. September may seem loyal that’s a long way off but we all know, it will come around extremely quickly, and iOS 12 needs to be ready for prime time.

As being a public tester, if you have yet to get yourself signed up for Apple Beta Software Program – you might want to do that right now be heading over to

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