iOS 12 Beta 3 Release Notes, Changes: Here’s What Is New

As expected, Apple has finally pushed out iOS 12 beta 3 to registered developers for testing. To complement this release of the latest pre-release seed, we now have full release notes to accompany the software – it includes what’s new, what’s fixed, and also what’s still broken, all according to Apple.

Indeed, we are in an extremely excited period of time where Apple will now start pushing out semi-regular updates to the iOS 12 firmware. with the new pre-release seeds coming pretty much every 7-14 days, all of which include fixes, improvements, internal enhancements, and security patches with the aim of getting rich and streamlined version of iOS 12 ready for a September release to the general public.

Developers will want to try it on their registered devices in order to see the improvements with each release but it’s also extremely helpful for Apple to issue these release notes to point testers down the right patch.

You can see a full addition of what Apple has been fixed and not fixed as yet with this second beta below. It also gives you a quick glance over what’s changed since the introduction and now. One thing that weather fans will immediately notice is that Apple has put some regression with iOS 12 beta 2 in the form of a broken Weather widget. It’s also important for anyone running a device with iOS 10.2 or earlier to update to iOS 12 beta 3 via iTunes.

Apple has also listed an issue with Universal Links not opening the expected target app, which is something to keep an eye out for with the latest release.

From what’s resolved perspective, Apple’s engineers have fixed a “Maps Nearby” error as well as a niggling issue that would cause the whole device to become unresponsive if an iWork document was opened via AirDrop or the relatively new Files app.

There are plenty of more fixes found inside the build, but for now, about the bad news. Well, Netflix, Twitter, and Taobao all have issues running against iOS 12. Skype is also still not playing well with iOS 12. And the list goes on…

If you are an iOS 12 beta 2 tester, or if been thinking about getting involved in testing from beta 3 onwards, then check out the official Apple release notes before you dive in and starting testing.



Update: Besides this, what we found are following changes in iOS 12 beta 2:

  • New iCloud Keychain pop-up
  • New Location icon
  • iPad gets pull-down handle on Lock screen
  • Updated battery info tab
  • Arrow for Shortcuts to apps in Spotlight
  • New iMessage preview animation
  • Screen Time now works on Family Sharing accounts


Remember, those who want to get involved in testing it, you should never rely on the pre-release software on your main device. It’s a beta for a reason!

We will update this post if new features are found in iOS 12 beta 3 in addition to changes Apple has provided in official changelog. Stay tuned for more.

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