iOS 12 Dev Beta 4, Public Beta 3 Expected Release Date

Being an owner of iPhone or iPad there is almost near-ready Apple’s iOS 12 software which is causing quite the stir right now. Fans of Apple’s iOS devices have already been joined with the likes of CoolStar’s Electra iOS 11.2-11.3.1 jailbreak. iOS 12 brings with it some great new features aimed at helping users keep track of their usage habits while also new automation capabilities thanks to the addition of Siri Shortcuts. You can also unlock individual apps as well.

You, as a developer or public beta testers using the pre-releases of iOS 12 for some time now, also testing some of this new hotness in different ways. But when will you able to test whatever Apple has up its collective sleeve for the next release?

Well, we are still sitting on iOS 12 developer beta 3 and public beta 2, so when will their perspective pre-release updates land? Based on previous release schedule, we can assume that it is almost definitely not beyond Apple to throw a spanner in the works and change things up a little.

With that said, if all goes according to plan, then we would expect developer beta 4 to land at some point between Monday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 18th – public beta 3 release. Again, that’s just based on previous two weeks release point assumption, so don’t be too surprised if those dates come and go with no update in sight.

Where the public beta release is concerned, we’d expect that to reach beta 3 a few days after the developer beta 4 release. So possibly around the July 18th to July 20th time window. Apple prepping to launch the public beta channel’s update a few days after the developer builds comes out with the same update, just to ensure there are no show-stopping bugs that have been missed.

No matter when the updated beta releases arriver, if they do so, or if they continue the current trend of only a bug-free and solid, we think we’re in a right track for a treat. Roll on September.

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