iOS 12 Beta 5 Release Notes, Changes, Features In This Seed, Here Are The Details

The Cupertino-based Apple Inc. has officially released iOS 12 beta 5 for testing community. This release for developers and public testers mean that Apple has taken iOS 12 to the next level and on step forward to a public release. With this release comes a set of release notes and accompanying changelog identifying all relevant changes.

iOS 12 will also be accompanied by a very verbose and detailed set of release notes which exist to give even the layman an introduction to the platform and everything that is authentic.

When Apple finally decides to roll its iOS 12 firmware out to the general public for all compatible iPhone and iPad hardware, you all with, especially older models will see faster and more responsive performance.

iOS 12 introduces major updates to iOS, with Apple revamping the operating system from top to bottom to make the platform more reliable as it entails. Unfortunately, registered developers and public testers don’t always get that luxury and instead have to do with the level of review that Apple chooses to provide. As part of that detail, Tim Cook’s company outlines everything that’s fixed, new, and what is still considered to be a “known issue,” or, as most people might say, “still broken.”

Both developers and public beta testers are giving feedback since two months when the first pre-release seed of iOS 12 was pushed out into a testing channel. Another 8 weeks to go until Apple flips that public release switch.

There have been plenty of bugs to fix all of the known issues and get the platform in the perfect position for release. If you are interested in iOS 12 beta 5 for testing, as a potential user looking to see how the platform is progressing, then you can find that full Apple release notes embedded below. This will, of course, give you insight into everything that’s been changed and fixed between the release of iOS 12 beta 4 and this fifth pre-release seed.

Update: According to Apple’s iOS 12 Beta 5 Release Notes, the latest introduces some new bugs. Tons of other small tweaks and features have been added to iOS 12, so make sure to check out our dedicated roundup for additional detail on what’s new in iOS 12.

– After restarting a device, paired Bluetooth accessories might not function correctly or might be displayed using the device’s address instead of name.

– Using Apple Pay Cash to send or request money via Siri might result in an error.

– When using CarPlay, Siri can’t open an app by name. Shortcuts that involve opening an app won’t work, and Shortcuts that require confirmation might not work.

– Some Shortcuts requests might not work.

– When multiple ride-sharing apps are installed, Siri might open an app instead of providing an ETA or location when asked. Apple suggests asking again as a fix.

– Users might not see custom UI when using Siri Suggestions Shortcuts with built-in intents.

Other changes: Screen Time in the Settings app no longer lists family members who aren’t kids, and it definitely need to be reenabled after updating to the new beta.

iOS 12 is available for developers and public beta testers, with a public launch planned for the fall alongside new iPhones.

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