iOS 12 Beta 6 Developer Release Notes From Apple Details New Changes And Features

Apple has pushed out iOS 12 beta 6 download links for developers alongside a rat of other pre-release seeds including macOS Mojave, tvOS, and watchOS.

All of these beta updates come a week after beta 5 was released, suggesting Apple is picking up the pace as well Darrel down the road towards a final official release to the public next month.

In fact, Apple normally goes with two weeks between beta releases, so it’s expected that something substantial in this update even if it is under the hood rather than user-facing enhancements. With parties such as developers and some interested ones downloading the update as of right now it’s likely we’ll know what’s new in there soon enough.

There is a better way of admitting what Apple has in store when an update lands, especially a beta update. And you have right to check out Apple’s software release notes and changelog details.

It also goes the same with iOS 12 beta 6 and it’s release notes now available via Apple’s developer portal. In it, we can find a list of which issues have been resolved and what new issues have been identified in this release, altogether.

The full six-page release notes for iOS 12 beta 6 make for interesting, reading and if you’re considering installing this particular beta, or indeed any other along with, we can only heartily suggest giving these notes a good touch before you do just in case there is anything going on that could eventually cause you issues. Knowing you’re a developer, then there are even more reasons to see what Apple has to say.

Apple’s iOS 12 release will bring with it a number of improvements over iOS 11 performance including a revamped notification center and a new digital wellbeing feature called “Screen Time. This will allow iOS users to keep tabs on how much they are using their iPhones or iPad devices. And also the apps they’re accessing as well as giving them the tools to measure, lock kids out of apps after a specific period of time. Similar features are coming their way to Android Pie, too, with Apple likely to be the first to introduce and make its own version available to users this year.

Complete official iOS 12 beta 6 changelog details can be found below:

iOS 12 Beta 6 Changes / Release Notes From Apple Detailing

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