iOS 12 Beta Confirms iPhone X Plus Release Is Imminent

Admit the fact that Apple is on the verge of announcing not just one but a trio of new iPhones at the upcoming 2018 Keynote event in the month of September 2018, as expected to be the big mouth.

You don’t even need to be an Apple Kremlinologist to know what the company is planned for that big month, as we all know by now that the overall size and shape of those three devices; an iPhone X replacement, an iPhone X with an LCD display and potentially dual-SIM card slots, and a larger iPhone X Plus to be real factor.

While the iOS 12 beta code has been giving us hints and been seeing little titbits of information leak over the past few weeks that appear to suggest all three are on the horizon. Today, we have our best first indication yet that the larger iPhone X Plus is already being built into iOS.

Developer Guilherme Rambo has already been poking into iOS updates for over a year now and has been credited with finding information on unannounced products all the way back to the original iPhone X. Done it again, he picked apart iOS 12 beta 5 to see what exactly inside and turns out, that might be the iPhone X Plus.

Sharing on Twitter, Rambo noted that there is a new payment glyph within iOS 12 beta 5 – somewhat unlike the iPhone X glyph. It’s taller with a more prominent Side button and the notch is slightly differently shaped, too. While it’s not all confirmed, but it does add further fuel to the fire to claims that a larger iPhone X is on the horizon.

iPhone X Plus Is Real, iOS 12 Beta Code Confirms

Indeed, we will certainly know more about Apple’s plans when it decides to share them with us next month. But until then, with more and more details starting to find its way into the public domain it’s looking increasingly imminent that there will be too many surprises come announcement day.

There are still many products, but now we can only hope that an iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook Air update up its sleeve to keep things interesting.

(Source: @_inside [Twitter])

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