Rumors: iOS 12 Features, Beta Release Date [Everything In One Place]

If not Apple is currently focusing on testing iOS 11.3 with registered developers and public testers but have you been wondering about the future iOS 12 update?

If rumors on that topic to be believed, it looks very likely that Apple will be in the process of bringing stability and security enhancements with iOS 12 and forego any huge changes. Although, iOS 11.3 in its final stages and WWDC 2018 dates have officially been announced as well as registration now open to all. Let’s take a look at what we think we already know about the next-generation of iOS.

iOS 12 Features

Here’s everything we know so far has been placed. It seems that Apple has internally decided to push back any major changes to iOS into 2019 timescale, which would be in time for the release of iOS 13. It’s almost speculated that the company was planning on making major changes to the Home screen for the first time since 2007, as well as to some core native apps which ship with iOS, such as the stock Mail app. However, meeting with team members resulted in focus being shifted to actually trying to stabilize iOS in terms of stability and security. This particular action makes perfect sense considering the PR nightmare that Apple has had over the last five months where iOS is concerned.

Taken that into consideration now, in all honesty, is probably the right decision by Apple, we should still see some alterations with iOS 12. The next major release is expected to see new functionality which will let parents monitor their kids’ overall usage and screen time alongside making some fairly decent changes to the FaceTime functionality.

Other changes you’ll see is the integration of Emoji 11.0 into iOS 12, as announced by the Unicode Consortium recently. That will apparently mean iPhone and iPad owners will have access to a whopping new 157 emoji characters.

Apple is expected to give the first official glimpse of iOS 12 at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held on June 4 at McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. It also includes a glimpse of hands-on sessions with Apple’s engineers, as well as the release of the first pre-release data seed to developers. A final release to the public will come later in the year around September/October time.

(Image: iOS 12 wishlist features)

Make sure you bookmarked this page if you are eagerly wanting to find out exactly what Apple could introduce with the iOS 12 release later this year. For more information on this, we’ll keep updating this post, which will include first-party and third-party leaks closer to the time, to make it a continuously growing and dynamic resource on iOS 12.

History has already been shown that we can generally get a fairly accurate insight into what’s coming ahead of time and we want to keep you updated. Stay tuned for more!

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