iOS 12 Beta Has Been Jailbroken On iPhone X Teased By Keen Lab [Video]

It has been less than two weeks after its release, iOS 12 already has a jailbreak. Given the fact that the jailbreak community appears to have the attitude of a freight train at the moment, this news was always on the horizon. Now, it’s been confirmed that iOS 12 beta 1 has successfully jailbroken thanks to the talented Liang Chen of the Tencent Keen Lab.

Along with team member Marco Grassi, Chen has demonstrated the inner working of his jailbreak at RECon conference in Montreal, and do not expect this work will ever see the light of the day, meaning Chen will likely never release this jailbreak into the community.

Nevertheless, the jailbreak itself has been achieved in its very first beta of Apple’s iOS 12 platform, has at least three months left to run in a pre-release state before it goes to the public. Well, it’s also highly likely that this work has been undertaken to show capability and that it’s actually possible to liberate iOS 12.

To showcase the jailbreak, Keen Lab’s team took to Twitter to confirm that he had been successful in liberating Apple’s iOS 12 platform, no-one with the intention of releasing a jailbreak would burn their methods on an early pre-release seed. Rather than provide any additional info in the tweet, Chen simply linked interested parties to a video of the jailbreak in progress, running on Apple’s iPhone X hardware and hosted on video-sharing website YouTube.

Ar RECon, hackers also discussed the iOS remote exploit chain, sandbox bypass, persistent malicious app installation, and security hardening. Liang Chen posted the following video on his YouTube channel. Many thought it’s a “fake” and that it can’t possibly be real as it requires a Cydia update from Jay Freeman.

Anyone who understands the pedigree of Chen, Marco, and the Tencent Keen Lab team, on the whole, will immediately understand that this jailbreak is indeed real. How much real? It doesn’t mean that it will be released into the public domain, as this jailbreak will never ever see the light of day. It’s likely that the team is analyzing iOS 12, collecting vulnerabilities, and then potentially profiting from those discoveries by reporting them to Apple.

As aforementioned Chen used Apple’s latest mobile operating system and smartphone to iPhone X, first opens the Settings app and reveals the firmware version to put naysayers at rest. The hacker then proceeds to open the jailbreak app “hellowworld711” to kickstart the exploitation process. Ends the video by showing us a glimpse of Cydia, which is probably non-functional due to compatibility issues.

So, iOS 12 can be jailbroken, but this particular one will not be released to public. That’s the fact!

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