iOS 12 Concept Details New Lock Screen, Guest Mode, Split View On iPhone, More

All of the Apple family are in 2018, everyone eyes on the company’s focus on working out just what it will do to iPhone and iPad this year.

Now that, in the world of iOS that is getting a lot more attention right now with the rumors continuing to suggest that this year will be one of maintenance rather than adding huge new features or redesigning the interface from the scratch.

While the hardware improvements are in line, that doesn’t actually mean we don’t have a lot to get excited about when iOS 12 is announced at WWDC 2018 soon enough. As we now have an interesting concept showing just how iOS 12 may look when it’s unveiled.

Created by designer iOS News And More, the gorgeous concept includes ideas for many different facts of iOS. Most of which we find highly unlikely to actually arrive in iOS 12. If at all, that also does not mean it isn’t great fun to drool over the concept art and wonder just what we will be treated to come announcement time.

Starting with the Home and Lock screens. This concept is out to call for a new ability to swipe down on the latter in order to see whether and other at-a-glance information. You will find security feature that would apparently allow Face ID to be used to lock and unlock specific apps. Whoa! And the concept also envisions the idea or removing all app names on the Home screen – that’s something jailbreak users have been doing it for years.

A new Guest Mode is specifically there, allowing an iPhone to be handed to another user with, presumably, limited access to applications and obviously, private data. Think of this as something that would eventually be useful in emergencies, for instance.

Essentially, the concept also details a new App Bar that would be invoked via a swipe gesture from the right side of the screen. Revealing favorite apps, this bar also reminds us of a familiar feature employed by Samsung on its own flagship device, although it’s unclear whether that was the inspiration here.

Interestingly, there are other tidbits in this concept that we accept to get could be great additions to iOS. Be sure to check out the full concept on iOS News And More on Behance if you really want to grab the lowdown.

(Source: iOS News And More [Behance])

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