iOS 12 Beta 9 Could Be The Final Pre-Release Seed Before GM

All iOS device owners know that the ninth developer beta and seventh public betas are out in the wild for testing. But people acknowledged the fact that why Apple pulled iOS 12 Developer Beta 7 out from amid horrific performance issues. Today’s story is a bit different from everything.

It seems like Apple has enough feel for where it is with its iOS 12 journey over the coming days, which is somewhat different and important due to the fact that the last round of beta releases that we will see ahead of a final Golden Master release next month. And not the iOS 12 Beta 10 anymore.

There are reasons behind this, as Apple and its manufacturing units needed to make and ship the 2018 iPhones as well as any iPad Pros that will go on sale around the same time. So, Apple has to get a solid, release-ready version of iOS 12 onto new iPhones and iPads that will start shipping from its partners soon enough. In order to get all lined up, it’s unlikely that Apple will have enough time to further tweak iOS 12 between now and later when devices start to leave factories.

Although with the developer beta 9 couple of days old and public beta 7 released into the hands of testers it is likely we would have heard by now if anything major was going on.

Next up we expect to have is a Golden Master release to arrive on or around the day Apple announces the new iPhones of 2018 lineup as well as any iPad refresh next month. With the final public release going live just days before any new hardware ships to customers.

What exactly all this means is that we’re fairly sure assuming that the iOS 12 Developer Beta 9 and Public Beta 7 releases are very close enough to final software. Now we just need the new hardware to go with it live.

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