iOS 12 Release Date, Features Announced: Here’s Everything We Know

All of the iOS 12 features, release date, and much more interesting details have been announced. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s latest mobile firmware for compatible 64-bit iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t get around to mentioning some of the most useful new improvements to iOS 12 during its WWDC keynote, but Apple is bringing big changes to its compatible devices update after all. Not only does it give developers an opportunity to get a head start on creating apps and software which use Apple’s new APIs prior to iOS 12 actually being released to the public. This also gives us an opportunity to view the firmware which will ultimately power the slew of new iPhones which will drop later in the year.

Now that the release is existing for all involved and all invested in the iOS ecosystem. So let’s dive right into and take a look.

The Biggest New Features On iOS 12

First of all, performance improvements and system optimization are playing a major role in iOS 12. It is said to have made a variety of optimization adjustments to iOS 12 so that it made the device run faster than before, particularly for older hardware devices. For example, Apple is said to have improved app launching performance by 40%, the keyboard shows up to 50% faster, the camera opens up to 70% faster, and even optimizations under heavy load did thanks to clever CPU boosts.

New AR format: USDZ

This will be supported by a range of companies including Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab, PTC, Quixel. In iOS 12, Apple introduced ARKit 2, a brand-new file format for 3D graphics – USDZ. It is an open-source format and all native iOS apps will support reading USDZ files. For example, Adobe will also add native USDZ support for Creative Cloud suite.

ARKit 2 Hosting a range of improvements, including “Improved face tracking. Realistic rendering. 3D object detection. Persistent experiences. Shared experiences.” More so Apple is also bringing in a shared AR experience on multiple iPhone or iPad devices.

The new ARKit focuses on shared experiences, where multiple people could be sharing the same virtual environment. Creating content, playing games, or just sharing your creations. LEGO, among other companies, are on board to create apps that share the same AR environments.

New AR Management

The new augmented reality measurement app is aptly called Measure. The app’s camera view allows for a user to avail of functions: level and measure. Best of all, the app allows all of this measurement to processed with 3D objects too.

iOS 12 Photos app

The Apple device’s Photo app is now getting Search with Search Suggestions, which basically highlights “key moments and people that are important to you”. It allows you search by activities, events, locations, vacations, items. Apparently, you can now search by almost anything – even broad terms like museum, office bar. There’s also a new For You tab introduced, which pretty much takes cue from the Google Photos app. You will also find a new Sharing suggestion feature which helps you analyze the photos on your phone and suggest contacts you want to share your photos with.

Using the Photos app, you can automatically generate albums, suggestions for effects, even sharing suggestions – such as sharing your dinner photos with people you’ve been together with and then it will suggest sharing their photos on their phones with you and the rest.

iOS 12 SiriKit

Siri gets an update! There’s now an Add to Siri button which can have a unique search phrase. There are shortcuts. You can create shortcuts for actions. Siri could do – like finding your keys, ordering coffee, reserving tables, reminders. You will also find a new Shortcuts app to help you create all short terms involving various apps.

Siri on iOS 12 will simply activate the Tile apps. Additionally, Siri Suggestions can now also be added to your lock screen, so if there are things that you do regularly, Siri would eventually be able to pick up on them and initiate those tasks automatically.

While Shortcuts app is basically like a built-in Automator app for iOS. You can simply drag and drop different steps to achieve your desired result.

Apple News

The much-rumored Apple News functionality is not built into an updated Stocks up and gets a new Browse tab as well. Indeed, the News app has been updated with a variety of new navigation features.

Stocks, Voice Memos, iBooks

The Stocks app has a new design and also includes embedded News app content for business news headlines, along with some new charting capabilities, and finally, the Stocks app is also coming to the iPad.

Voice Memos comes to the iPad so it is no longer available as just an iPhone app. A rebuilt Voice Memos app now allows for recordings to be synced to iCloud.

iBooks has been renamed to Apple Books, with a new Book Store feature and some other book browsing features.

iOS 12 CarPlay

The CarPlay app gets support for third-party navigation apps in iOS 12, like Waze so if you don’t like Apple Maps – you can simply change it right away. CarPlay gets third-party navigation support, but Google Maps not here yet though.

iOS 12 Do Not Disturb

This mode includes a new Do Not Disturb during bedtime feature which hides notifications by default when activated at night. It gets altered with new DnB for bedtime. The same Do Not Disturb mode now has a variety of new features to activate the feature easier and with timelines, for example, you can enable it for just an hour.

iOS 12 Notifications

Instant Tuning allows you to turn off Notifications and manage notifications for apps directly. Grouped notifications now group notifications by apps and topics.

Notifications get a revamp! There’s the ability to press into them and access new actions. Apple’s calling it Instant Tuning.

Screen Time is a new app which tells you precisely how much time you’re spending on your phone and doing what. It gives you a weekly activity summary, letting you know how much time you are sparing in particular apps, how many times you pick up your iPhone or iPad, and what apps are sending you notifications. Parents can also use this feature to see what apps their kids are using and for how much time on their iOS 12 devices. Also, parents can control how much time children can use in particular apps, or even in-app categories, as part of the Family Sharing feature.

iOS 12 App Limits

As you can guess, does exactly what it says on the tin. The app allows you to set time limits on your iOS 12 app usage. Using Family Sharing, parents will be able to set up a host of parental filters. App Limits allows you to customize time limits for each app, for say, you can put a 15 minute limit on Instagram app and after 15 minutes is up the App Limit feature will inform you that’s time to do something else – of course you can ignore that alert as well.

iOS 12’s New Anomojis

Memojis is the next update for Animojis. That’s an Anomoji designed after you. It’s like an RPG character creation, you have a ton of options for everything – hair, face, freckles, eyes, sunglasses, ears, you name it. New Anomoji: Ghost, Koala, Tiger, T. rex. are the new animojis Apple has revealed, along with nifty new Tongue detector. Not just that, you can even make animoji of yourself as well. Apple calls it Memoji, which basically scans your face as you build it.

Messages also get some new Anomoji features and effects. Anomoji now has breakthrough detection technology, allowing you to control Animoji to stick out their tongues. Messages app now includes various camera app filters and stickers that you can apply to pictures taken from the Messages app.

Group FaceTime

Finally! been asked it for ages and it’s literally here, and that too with 32 people at a time Group FaceTime. It gains group video chat, allowing you and other 31 simultaneous participants in a FaceTime group call. FaceTime camera also gains a bunch of optional filters, stickers, Animoji, and other fun features.

Beta 1 Download & Public Release Date

The first iOS 12 beta is available to download right now for registered developers with access to Apple Developer Program portal. It can also be availed as an over-the-air iOS 12 updates with a compatible beta configuration profile or downloaded as an IPSW for a manual and fresh installation. A final public release will be available this fall for all users.

Apple is expect5ed to release iOS 12 into the public domain later in the year to coincide with the release of the new iPhone range.

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