iOS 12.0 Wish List Imagines What Top Requested User Features Might Look Like

Apple’s iOS 11 features may still be in the process of rolling out to device owners across the world. Showing off Apple Pay Cash and 7.W fast wireless charging as some, but it hasn’t stopped the community from starting talking about iOS 12.0 and the features that they’d like to see included.

The latest and current iOS version has been out long enough for users, developers, and designers to put together into what iOS 12 should bring to the table. iOS News And More have taken the opportunity to place a poll, with the results published on its Behance site, showing the most desirable features that iOS device owners would like to see Apple integrate with next year’s platform progression.

Shared The Ultimate iOS 12 Wishlist. The list is based mostly on its iOS 12 polls where readers were able to share their thoughts on which feature Apple should very much focus on with the next major iOS update. What could Apple potentially introduce the announcement of iOS 12 at next year’s Worldwide Developers Conference? The list also shared its own ideas about what features and updates it would like to see. The gallery features render of iOS 12 with both the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus designs.

The publication’s own thoughts and desires to produce a fairly comprehensive list of what iOS 12 could look and feel like when it’s announced in 2018. There are also the additions or renders of some inclusions of those theoretical features running on Apple hardware.

From a consumer perspective, the belief is that Apple should introduce iOS 12 with a revamped design. In particular iPhone X and its edge-to-edge OLED panel, but the overall platform hasn’t had a major visual refresh since the move from the iOS 6 days to the clean and clinical iOS 7 aesthetic.

iOS 11 has an impressive 10.8-percent of the growth, and almost 58% of the devices running the platform and the respondents also requested an official and full dark mode to be put in place rather than the Smart Invert color feature that is currently available in the iOS 11 Accessibility settings.

The shared list also predicts that it may be more likely for Apple to bring incremental design changes with iOS 12 rather than a complete overhaul. With the beautiful 3 bezel-less iPhone models expected for 2018, a dark mode in iOS 12 will be more relevant than ever.

Other features and changes to make the list include new notifications, Split View for iPhone, an assignable lock feature for individual apps, group FaceTime, and an always-on display/redesigned Lock screen and more.

While 8% of those taking part in the poll would like the ability to lock individual apps with Touch ID or Face ID. With 7.1% asking for the iPad Split View functionality to make an appearance on iPhone. We also see requests such as redesigned app icons, and of course, the introduction of quick settings to the native Camera app.

As you might have imagined or guessed, there is a “one more thing” entry at the end of the poll. That suggests an always-on display to give info about missed calls, notifications, WhatsApp alerts. And the time and date with a quick glance would be extremely useful.

What do you think about the list? Has this covered your imaginations and aspirations for iOS 12? Or you think Apple should go even further to bring bigger plans in place for the future of iOS? Here is the full gallery with concept renders which shows off the wishlist at the source link below.

(Source: Behance)

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