iOS 8.3 Blocks Piracy Apps iFunBox, iExplorer And Similar File Manager Tools From Accessing

If you are looking for a TaiG exploit update then you’re not in luck as Apple patched with its release last week and not only the company blocked the jailbreak tool, but many. Utilities like iFunBox, iExplorer, PhoneView, iTools etc, are also in the patching list. Those users can no more access app directories on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8.3, given the updated security settings in Apple’s latest version of its mobile OS. More details on what iOS 8.3 blocked apps can be found right after this break!

Although Apple tightens up known security concerns with every new release of its mobile OS, as it has forced developers of many file managers and transfer utilities for OS X and iOS to release subsequent versions of their mobile software in a bid to offer a workaround for restoring at least some sandbox access that has since been lost.

Speaking about the iFunBox on iOS 8.3, “Apple blocked access of the entire sandbox directory of every installed app since iOS 8.3. Previously only writing was blocked in executable directory. Now we totally lost the control of apps on our own devices.” Team of such app says “We are investigating the situation.” Possibly, until a solution arrives, the only chance or the way to restore the sandbox access will be to jailbreak your device, but once again, still got no jailbreak solution for iOS 8.3 available either.

Over the weekend, iFunBox updated its utility and released version 2.95, which apparently brings a partial fix to the table. All apps that have ‘iTunes File Sharing‘ enabled, such as VLC player and any other file manger app, can be opened up in the sandbox environment as general, but other apps will have to wait till a jailbreak solution hits the shelves.

Once an iOS 8.3 jail;break is out, it will allow OpenSSH to be installed into the device for a full and complete file-system privileges including command line access for sake. This will hence allow all iOS 8.3 devices to communicate with utilities suc as iFunBox as usual, ultimately without any limitations.

The iOS 8.3 release has also thought in some more patches for explots that could be used for jailbreaking and downgrading purposes on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Not been long ago Apple has released iOS 8.1.3 and 8.2 with some serious fixes, clearly naming the exploits being used for jailbreaking purposes that it had patched up.

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