iOS 9.2.1 (13D20) Released To Fix Error 53 On Bricked Touch ID Phone And Tablet

Apple today released a new build 13D20 version of iOS 9.2.1 compared to the original build 13D15 originally outed as final public build of iOS 9.2.1 when it launched last month.

This version of iOS 9.2.1 is specifically rolled out for the newer Touch ID-activated iPhone and iPad models, which includes the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4 & 3. To fix “Error 53” which bricks when a third-party ID repair is performed on the -oft-mentioned devices.

Releasing this patched version of iOS 9.2.1, Apple has also posted a dedicated support page on its official site with details on error 53 and how to go about repairing the problem.

Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes.

Force restart your device.

Try to restore your device again.

If you still see error 53 when you try to restore your device, contact Apple Support.

Unfortunately, this new iOS 9.2.1 13D20 build has not been issued as an OTA or iTunes update for all devices. Only those Touch ID devices affected by error 53 are required to download and install the newer build of iOS 9.2.1 as a fresh manual restore from iTunes. Rest of all those don’t need to do anything should stay on iOS 9.2.1 build 13D15.

What actually caused this error 53 issue, is that Apple being extremely cautious with the privacy of its customers, has some checks in place when booting up newr Touch ID-enabled iPhones and iPads. Apple uses a coprocessor which equipped the Touch ID keys and are totally independent of he rest of the device. When booting up an iOS device, iOS 9 runs a few checks to make sure that the integrity of the Touch ID and Secure Enclave is intact. After a repair work is performed on Touch ID from an unauthrized shop, which actually isn’t. Before today, when iOS was updated on a device that had a third-party repair done on its Touch ID button, it resulted in device pushing error 53 and essentially getting bricked to protect user’s fingerprint data. For that reason, Apple has release a newer iOS 9.2.1 version to fix with build 13D20.

Updating such a device to iOS 9.2.1 build 13D20 will now bring the device back to life and in working condition, but will still have its Touch ID button disabled to protect fingerprint info unless and until it goes in for service either at Apple or on of its authorised repair center and not unauthorized or third-party shops.

You can download iOS 9.2.1 build 13D20 from the links below:

(source: Apple)

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