iOS Virtual Machine Announced, Here’s Everything About It

Corellium, a company behind making a splash on social media by claiming to be the first business to offer a virtualized iOS device experience to developers and testers.

What’s the reaction could be “why is that even important?” or “how does that differ from the Xcode experience that developers currently enjoy?

Although there is something a lack of understanding involved in the situation, where the differences between simulation and emulation or virtualization. At present, Apple currently bundles in an iOS Simulator experience with its main developer tool, Xcode, especially. This allows developers to run apps and experiences on simulated versions of the company’s devices utilizing the resources of the machine that’s installed on.

The company “Corellium” is looking to do is more akin to how Android applications are tested and running by offering a full and complete virtualized experience which is identical to running the software or service on a physical iOS device but without having to have the expense and trouble associated with owning each iPhone or iPad.

The company behind it is defining this as the “future of mobile development” which will give developers instant access to run their creations on virtualized iPhones and iPads on a Mac or PC which are running actual real versions of iOS. For example, TeamViewer is one of the top and popular virtualized app available for Windows and works on Mac machines.

It appears that an iOS virtual machine software could arrive on your PCs and Macs machines soon. This should instantly remove a lot of the issues and limitations which are associated with simulated testing.

The experience would also allow testers, researchers, enthusiasts, and developers to install a pre-jailbroken version of iOS to the virtualized experience in order to test and demonstrate new tweaks and experiences.

About the company behind, there’s little to nothing known at this moment but we do know that this is the same tool that was demonstrated by Chris Wade (@cwdotme on Twitter) a little while back and that it will also come integrated with a web-based version of Cycript, put together by Jay Freeman ‘saurik’.

When more information on this topic becomes available of the Corellium iOS virtualization experience, we will be sure to let you know with immediate effect, including how it can be benefited by the jailbreak community. For now, those looking forward to getting an early hands-on experience on the tool can request an early access for March release over at Stay tuned for more!

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