iPad 6 2018 Costs Less In UK, Europe, Australia And More Than Last Year’s Model

Just before the Apple’s “education” event kicked off yesterday much of the talks was about the new, cheaper iPad model that Apple was set to announce.

After announcing the low-cost iPad 6 2018 (9.7-inch) model, which is the first iPad, indeed focused on education – complete with Apple Pencil support. But it did not turn to be cheap iPad many had hoped for. However, while the new sixth-generation iPad does not see a price reduction in the United States, that is not quite accurate in other countries around the globe.

Despite initial rumors that the sixth-gen iPad could be sold for as little as $259 in the United States, the price remained the same. Nevertheless, in the United Kingdom, the new iPad carries a price-tag of £319, down from the £339 asking price that the fifth generation device carried (get only £20 discount).

The same goes for Canada, where a fifth-generation entry-level iPad cost $449 before yesterday’s changes, with the sixth generation devices selling for just $429 (with $20 price drop).

Moving into Europe, the starting price for an iPad is now between €349 to €369, down from €399 to €419.

Unfortunately, not just the US pricing has not changed, though. Australia and New Zealand now sell the sixth generation iPad as a direct replacement for the outgoing fifth-generation device.

Again, it’s not clear as for why the pricing of some countries has seen a reduction with the newly released hardware. It is likely though, related to the many different permutations involved in modern business and the exchange rates used by various countries. However, for now, none of that really matters to anyone able to pick a new, improved device up for less money than it would have cost yesterday.

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