iPad Air 3 Cases Appears Online, Fit For Four Speakers, Rear Flash, And Smart Connector

There is a bit different design architecture in developing the new iPad Air 3. With a few compared to the current iPad Air 2, which notably would be a stereo four-speaker design similar to what we foind on iPad Pro and an apparent LED flash located right below the rear camera. Discussed it earlier this past week and today it appears to show off the iPad Air 3 case covers to fit the already speculated 4 speakers, rear flash and a smart connector. Details below give you a good look at what Apple is planning to and for the 2016 iPad Air flagship.

Design drawing likely come from a third-party manufacturer, and the companies apparently now feel comfortable enough to start their production of cases based on the iPad Air 3 design, as we see through Chinese site called Alibaba’s 1688.com business portal via Nowhereelse.fr.

Two new iPad Air 3 cases has surfaced online, and in that at least one of the case appears to have a cutout along the left side that matches the shape and location of the iPad Air 3’s Smart Connector used to dock and power accessories such as keyboards like on the iPad Pro. Smart Connector however was not discovered in the iPad Air 3 design drawing from last week and does not show up to be included on the other iPad Air 3 case which being offered for sale either.

Specifications for iPad Air 3 appears to be most probably identical to the Air 2 tablet, including a decently large cutout high on the right edge of the hardware for the volume buttons, and there’s small holes on the right side and next to the rear camera for microphones.

Additional cutouts found on the iPad Air 3 case is of for a headphone jack and power button on top and the Lightning port on bottom are also present. Although Apple opted not to update the iPad Air segment last September when it introduced the new iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro, and now the iPad Air 3 has been rumored for release during the fist half of this year, most likely at a March-bound media event alongside the 4-inch iPhone 5se and new bands for Apple Watch Hermes and others.

(Via: iPad Air 3 Cases Leaks To Fit 4 Speakers, Rear LED Flash, Smart Connector)

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