iPhone 6 Plus Rumored To Get QHD 2K Display, iPhone 6s FHD Screen

Current attention spots on the wearables thanks to the Apple Watch, which is impossible t ignore the fact that new iPhone arrival on stand – or iPhones – will likely be coming as soon as September. With WWDC 2015 drwing ever nearer, speculations are starting to materialize that revolve around what hardware will make the hood when Apple announces its new iPhone 6s and of course the iPhone 6s Plus. Details on this buzz can be had right aftere this jump.

Rumors coming out of Chinese blog Feng has Apple about to tik-tak-toe with its competition in the specifications war which is something that haven’t done before by the company ever. With the new war will be between screen resolution and according to Feng, the new iPhones likely to both pack higher resolution screens than anything Apple has managed to date.

It’s said that the iPhone 6s will come with the same 4.7-inch display as its predecessor but with a full HD (1080p) panel. Also says that the iPhone 6s Plus will get a 5.5-inch, 2K display. Comparing it with the current models go with 1334 x 750 and 1920 x 1080 resolutions respectively, which means the new handsets would have quite the pixel advantage , if this new report converts to accurate.

Tipped earlier that the next iPhone to come out of the site includes the iPhone 6s featuring Force Touch and 32GB of smaller capacity available to buy. While the 16GB won’t be seen in the future iPhones, long gone, and users won’t end up fighting for the extra bit of storage space for cramping in their content onto their devices.

If this latest rumor is indeed accurate then this could signal a change in that regard. Adding more pixels at the two iPhones speks of trying to keep up with Android, with phones using Google’s Mobile OS seemingly gaining high-resolution screens with each and every release, either in a budget (more affordable) range and huge price segment.

Two new iPhone could be about to join the party, and if this rumor becomes accurate – they’re going to have Apple logo sticked on thier backs soon.

(Source: Feng)

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