iPhone 6s Camera Leak: 12MP Sensor With 240fps Slo-Mo, 4K Video Recording

A document appearing to include a leaked Foxconn manufacturing schematic which may once again claim the successors to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus on its way, time to move onto the next-generation iPhone and discuss what we could actually see when Apple eventually lifts the covers off the iPhone 6s and 6 Plus. Past ones suggested that neither device will ship with the cutting-edge dual lens camera technology, but in this new doc that has been leaked online suggests that the next speculated iPhone double act will ship with significantly improved camera capabilities.

According to the oft-mentioned leaked document, which has already removed from its original location, quotes an alleged Foxconn employee and suggests that the next-generation iPhone duo will come equipped with a 12-megapixel camera capable of recording video in 4K and also capable of shooting videos at the same iPhone 6-esque 240fps slo-mo to compliment the experience already offered to those who love capturing stills and videos directly on the iPhone (at 240 frames-per-second). Expected that Apple would take that number up to 480fps for slo-mo recording in 4K.

The leaked document was initially posted on Chinese site Weibo by someone claiming to be Foxconn worker. Images from it are now circulating on the Web, and reportedly cite an N66 model number for the iPhone 6s, and N71 for iPhone 6s Plus. Camera improvements apart, both the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are also set to receive much needed boost in RAM, jumping up to 2GB. The document lists suggests that both will ship with front-facing 5-megapixel cameras for those super impressive selfies. Discovered inside code of iOS 9 previously, that the next Apple smartphone could even have a front-facing flash, panorama shots, and slow motion or 60 fps video.

If you add this new speculation together with the existing conjecture that both devices will ship with Force Touch and utilize Cataegory 6 4G LTE modems capable of theriotical speeds of up to 300Mbps, you start to get the impression of a much improved device under the hood that the hardware contains the design trend that was introduced withthe current-generation models. Software support does not guarantee features will appear in shipping hardware, however.

As detailed below, a new pink color, higher-resolution cameras with Force Touch simultaneous video/photo modes, and a faster Touch ID fingerprint scanner are all said to be on tap…

  • Apple considered a rose gold iPhone 6S to parallel the similarly-colored Apple Watch Edition, but instead has settled on a pink aluminum with a white front.
  • Touch ID has been increased in speed by roughly 30% over the iPhone 6, making fingerprint scanning a less-than-1-second (yet accurate) process.
  • The front FaceTime camera will supposedly have a 5MP sensor.
  • The rear camera will supposedly have a 12MP sensor and again protrude from the back of the iPhone’s chassis. Apple apparently tested a 16MP sensor in early versions of the iPhone 6S, but moved to a 12MP version later in the production cycle.
  • In addition to supporting 4K video and 240FPS slow-motion recording, the iPhone 6S will use Force Touch to let you record bursts of still photos during video recording. [Note: An alternate translation of the report suggests that the Force Touch feature may be used to toggle between Photo and Video modes.]
  • iPhone 6S will have 2GB of RAM, but 16GB of storage will remain the minimum capacity.

(via: Sogi [Google Translate])

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