iPhone 7 Plus Bench Scores Confirmed To Feature 3GB Of RAM For Extreme Multitasking

Possible iPhone 7 Plus benchmark tests potentially confirming besides that extra camera lens, the iPhone 7 Plus shipping with 3GB RAM memory.

We now have almost 100% confirmation that the newly announced iPhone 7 Plus features 3GB of RAM, packing additional hardware inside and most of any iPhone to date. That extra gigabyte of RAM brings the total amount up to 3 gigs if you’re keeping track at home. More than that, this is the first iPhone with the most RAM yet which should eventually make multitasking with a bunch of resource intensive apps a much relevant and smoother experience.

Shame, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro only packs 1GB of RAM. Now all you have to decide if that extra perk of memory leads to the up-charge. This confirmation comes following a few weeks of rumors about the said phone featuring 3GB of RAM. But the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 model still carries the same 2GB of RAM, nevertheless giving the 5.5-inch Plus a clear advantage in this regard.

New Geekbench scores appear to show and already confirmed that the rumors about the iPhone 7 Plus were accurate. Screenshots of a bench score have circulated online, with the result clearly showing the device tested is packed with 2998MB of RAM.

With a dual-lens camera, iPhone 7 Plus’s additional RAM will definitely allow for extreme image processing to be carried out when photos are taken. In fact, with those iPhone 7 Plus effects – depth of field and bokeh – are also reflected in real-time on the device before a shot is snapped. All needs RAM in order to work, particularly when the device is doing all this magic it has to carry out in the background just to make the camera work at all.

About the advanced techniques Apple detailed some of its new cameras using within the new iPhones, and the more power behind them, the better camera system as well.

While initial Geekbench scores are outed it’s not being optimized for the A10 Fusion chip living within the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Initial runs of the tool suggests it will score higher than the iPad Pro. Shouldn’t be surprised as each year’s iPhone is more capable of faster processing than that which came before it, but still, these new hardware iPhones are set to be fast. Very fast enough.


(Source: Geekbench)

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