iPhone 7 Rumored To Get Rid Of Ugly Antenna Bands, Confirmed Again To Be Waterproof

Speculation are already there regarding the yet-unannounced “iPhone 7” – or what ever Apple chooses to call it in 2016 Calendar year. Official unveil will be held within another eight or nine months from now, as we approach the begenning of new year, the latest speculation coming out of Taiwan echoes previous waterproof-related rumors, and goes one step further by suggesting that Apple’s next iPhone could sport some new antenna-centric technology. This has been ‘confirmed’ today by a new rumor out of China.

In particular the speculative features that could potentially ship with Apple’s new iPhone focuses on the supplier of the chassis for the smartphone and the benefits that this choice will bring to the consumer. Specifically, around 30-35% of the iPhone 7 chassis will be made by Catcher Technology, which will remain the largest supplier of this external casing component for Apple’s iPhone 7 when it goes into mass production.

However, the external chassis that will be used for the next iPhone is said to offer full waterproof capabilities. The casing is also believed to be built with new technologies that will assist in entirely concealing the visible antenna that is integrated into the device. Apparently employ some “new compound materials” which will be used to hide their antennas and do away with those plastic stripes once and for all. Suggested that Apple has invented its own new form of metal currently have on back of the iPhone 6, 6s series.

Possibilities there of seeing the antenna of the iPhone actually built into the device’s casing, and having external case manufactured from a new type of “non-metal” material would provide a number of benefits for Apple. Foremost, it could market the device as being officially waterproof, but could also reduce costs involved in making as it would mean a move away from the 7000 series aluminum that was implemented into the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for structural stability reasons.

For now, the aforementioned is purely speculation with no mention of the actual source behind the rumor, but it’s surely not a suggestion that is beyond possibility. And don’t forget to take everything you’ve just read with a solid dose of salt. After all we are going to see a waterproof iPhone 7 in 2016 with ditched Antenna bands.

(Source: DigiTimes)

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