This is How the iPhone 8 With Edge-to-Edge Display Looks Like In A Case

The upcoming “iPhone 8” design features super slim bezels at the top and the sides, also introducing an edge-to-edge display, raising the question of how cases will look on the device.

Although the iPhone 8 hasn’t been announced yet and it is still weeks away from launching. But case makers started developing cases for the unannounced device months ago. Thanks to iPhone 8 dummy models that are already circulating based on leaked schematics and details sourced from Apple suppliers like Foxconn.

In addition to that, a couple of iPhone 8 dummies and iPhone 8 cases designed by Yesgo and Olixar. Both also have created a video to show off what exactly the iPhone 8 might look in a case.

These cases come in a wide range of styles, but all shares a vertical dual-camera cutout for the camera system. Cutouts and support for an elongated power button on the right side, and cutout for speakers, the Lightning port on the bottom.

Well, some of the cases also includes a cutout that displays the Apple logo, and all cases accommodate the volume buttons and mute switch on the left side of the gadget. Because of the very slim side bezels that remain on the iPhone 8. It supports a case that wraps up around the sides of the display a bit.

These kinds of cases are been designed to protect the display of an iPhone, and still be supported on the iPhone 8. Apple, this time this year made iPhone 8 from glass to support inductive wireless charging. Originally, we don’t know all the details on how it works though.

The iPhone 8 is likely able to charge with a case on so long as the case is not made of metal. We aren’t 100% sure that the cases and dummy model in the video are accurate representations of what we can expect when the iPhone 8 launches. However, they match up with factory specifications, part leaks, CAD drawings, data culled from the HomePod, and more.

Taking all the aforementioned detailing into consideration, we believe they offer up a clear picture. There’s often a lot of money that goes into making dummy models because it can be lucrative to be first on the market with a case for a new iPhone.

From years, dummy models and case leaks have provided an accurate early look at unreleased iPhones. This time around, it’s going to happen again next month.

Here’s a dummy model that shows off the prospective design of the iPhone 8, below.

(Video Source: MacRumors)

With September fast approaching, only weeks to go until Apple unveils the iPhone 8 and its companion devices. Rumored the 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and the 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus already. Based on past dates, it’s likely Apple will hold an event during the first two full weeks of the month.

About the new orders for the iPhone 8 cases

Both Yesgo and Olixer are already advertising their cases for iPhone 8 on their websites and taking pre-orders as well. One thing everyone should note is that these iPhone 8 cases won’t begin shipping until after the new iPhone launches.

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