iPhone Fans: Here’s Another Bad News About Touch ID Detailed

As closer we get to Apple’s traditional iPhone event in September, the more iPhone 8 rumors surface. And of course, most of them paint the same picture. For instance, the new iPhone will have a new all-screen design that also forced Apple to drop the fingerprint sensor. Ensuring that there might be no Touch ID on the iPhone 8, instead the handset is expected to feature an advanced 3D facial recognition system. This is somewhat else available from the competition. Now, there’s a new leak to support the equation.

iPhone 8 renders leak

Developer here named Steve Troughton Smith is famous for his findings in Apple code, has recently stumbled across an uncensored HomePod software version that contained plenty of hidden iPhone 8 secrets, detailing is back with new discoveries today.

The same dev posted on Twitter a screenshot that apparently lusts various Apple products. What is included in this year’s iPhones, part of the iPhone10,X generation.

According to that image, iPhone10,3, and iPhone10,6 may be distinct iPhone 8 variants. But they lack the “Mesa” designator. Mesa is something, that’s in the internal code name of Touch ID. And with its absence seems to indicate the phones do not have a fingerprint sensor. Comparatively, all other four iPhone10,X iPhones do have Mesa in their description.

Furthermore, the 10,3 and 10,6 iPhones have an exclusive designator: “Savage,” That may be the face sensor’s internal name.

The developer thought initially that Savage might not necessarily be related to the facial recognition, the evidence he found rather says Savage is tied to Pearl. Pearl ID, or Pearl, is the code name (Face ID) Apple used in its HomePod firmware to define facial authentication functionality. The same Smith discovered it.

Of note is the fact that the iPhone SE appears to be the only iPhone to date to have a Touch ID sensor but this also lack a Mesa designator in code. However, the developer has not mentioned where this new code came from, but Apple did release the latest iOS 11 beta version earlier this week.

Here’s how the unreleased iPhone 8 with Edge-to-Edge Display looks inside a Case. Another study says that Apple’s A11 chip is set to power the all-three iPhone this year.

(source: Twitter)

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