iPhone 8 Keynote Event Date Set For September 12, Report Reaffirms

Accordingly, the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are three of the biggest upcoming smartphone releases of the year.

If this report by the Wall Street Journal is to be believed, all three will be announced during a media event held in Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on the given date.

It is believed in the past and as previously reported that a number of carriers had been told September 12th would be the big date for Apple’s unveiling of its new iPhones. Also allowing them to get their ducks in a row prior to the time to ensure all information is ready to go before customers start asking about availability. But this is the first time the date has been corroborated by a second source.

If the aforementioned date is true, we are just two weeks away from finally putting to bed months of rumors surrounding the new phone models, and the iPhone 8 in particular.

Although, the reports reaffirms that Apple’s event will be taking place at the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park, the company’s new sprawling headquarters. However, with construction still underway, this venue is said to be as yet unconfirmed. Apple will decide on where the event will be held as late as possible. With invitations to events such as this normally being sent out to media around a week ahead of time.

During the event, what can be expected? While the Wall Street Journal suspects Apple to announce a whole supporting cast of new devices alongside the iPhones. New cellular-capable LTE Apple Watches are much anticipated, to be on the billing. As is a new 4K+HDR Apple TV will be able to handle the 4K and HDR content that has been spotted throughout the iTunes Store.

No doubt, all eyes will be on the iPhones to see what all the fuss will be about this year. The iPhone 8 is specifically intriguing, with Apple said to have an all-new chassis and display ready to go.

(Source: WSJ)

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