Apple iPhone 8 Launch Date Delayed Till November, As Per Reports

It is all set that Apple planning for an official unveil of its flagship smartphone next month on September, called the iPhone 8. But according to the latest reports, the Cupertino-based company might not be able to announce the iPhone 8 at the annual event next month.

iPhone 8 Mirror

Reasons are many, while Apple also reportedly facing design and technical issues in the production of iPhone 8. The flagship is likely to result in delayed launch of the much-anticipated OLED iPhone. Other than that, there are two new iPhones, Apple might be introducing alongside the much-rumored iPhone 8, are iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

According to The Korea Herald, sources from Apple’s supply chain have informed that the iPhone 8 launch delay in the production is being observed due to an unfinished design and technical challenges with rumored features or specifications of the premium device. If these reports are anything to go by, then Apple has not been able to finalize the design of the rear panel of an bezel-less iPhone 8 yet.

Likely that Apple still struggling with the positioning of the Touch ID. “Fingerprint scanning, which plays a big role in safegaurding payment solution Apple pay, needs to be fault-free,” said another unnamed source.

Recently, it was also declared by the HomePad firmware code that the next iPhone (could be iPhone 8 or 7s/7s Plus) use facial recognition (Pearl ID). With that said, the reports also hints at Apple still being indecisive of the design.

Although the report claims from a South Korean component supplier suggest that Apple is certain about a September launch of LCD display panel based iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus. While the Korean publication does not have a reliable past with predicting Apple iPhone details, so you all should take these news with a pinch of salt.

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