New iPhone Leaks Reveal Tap To Wake, Attention Detection, And Virtual Home Button

More features has been detailed about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 – uncovered in HomePod firmware – which runs iOS like the iPhone – including a tap to wake function, facial expression and attention detection, and of course the long-rumored removal of the Home button. Apple accidentally released the firmware over the weekend unlocking in a frenzy of analysis regarding previously unknown feature additions. Here’s everything from the leaked document specifically for you.

Developers including Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo have been tweeting their findings, notably the discovery of the new iPhone’s bezel-less screen design. Concluding the fact that the resolution for the iPhone 8 could be as much of a visual leap forward from current-generation iPhones as the iPhone 4’s Retina display was from the original iPhone. Apple is using codenames for both its face recognition feature and the edge-to-edge phone, called “Pearl ID” and “D22” respectively.

Guilherme Rambo tweets: There’s also a lot of new references to facial expression detection.

A potential “attention detection” feature is also mentioned in the code, with some predictions may mean the phone will remain silent for notifications if it knows you’re looking at the screen already. Facial references such as “mouthstretch,” “mouthsmile,” and “mouthdimple” were also found, which are likely a nod to Apple’s hugely speculated facial recognition feature that can even detect faces in the dark using infrared.

While the tap to wake feature works on iPhone something much like Windows Phone or Luminas. It has also been discovered, and should be similar to the Windows Phone functionality that allows users to double-tap the screen to wake the phone.

And the death of the Home button is confirmed, too. RIP. The home button looks to be gone in favor of a virtual one, unfortunately, Smith didn’t find evidence of an ultrasound Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor under the display, was still a possibility. There’s no evidence whatsoever of any kind of Touch ID: The virtual home button is called the “home indicator,” and will most probably be hidden in certain contexts such as when watching a video.

There was an Apple Watch discovery, though, hinting at a new skiing workout option for watchOS 4 users. Stay tuned for more!

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