WHOA: iOS 11 Running On iPhone 8 First Glimpse Looks Gorgeous

Here are the first iPhone 8 renders based on leaked rumors showing iOS 11 running on Apple’s next flagship expected to launch later this year. In short “Component Production Begins for 2017 iPhones as New Renders Combine iOS 11 with iPhone 8.” All you can live with an iPhone 8 that looks like this metallic.

Now that Apple has released iOS 11 into post production which is set for public consumption by mid-September, just before iPhone 8 announcement. Today’s leak brings reimagined renders of the Apple’s product smartphone running the newly announced iOS 11 beta on it.

The opening keynote of WWDC is now over, though with it came the unveiling of iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, watchOS 4, new Apple tvOS, hardware in the form of the HomePod, a 10.5-inch iPad, and much more to digest. In terms of introduction, full attention is being turned back to Apple’s iPhone 8, with a new set of renders actually showing up the hardware running iOS 11.

The renders proclaim a few thing that have been shooting around the Internet for a while. First of which, we see the iPhone 8 with a stunning front visual devoid of almost all bezels around the display – a feature that has been speculated for quite some time now. There are various reports acknowledge that Apple will be having a full-size displayed with a front-facing camera and microphone embedded beneath the glass. But these specific renders particularly disagree with that fact, rather showing a cut-out at the top of the device where already mentioned modules will sit.

Now with the continuation of Touch ID, and more specifically, how that Apple’s Touch ID sensor will be integrated into iPhone 8? There are a number of different thought patterns which has been very hot topic of conversation, but this new report is of “trust & belief” that the hardware will be integrated into the brand-new OLED panel to offer a seamless and almost invisible biometric experience.

Suggestions already made that the hardware will come with “laser and infrared sensors” to work alongside the improved 3D iSight camera system to offer facial recognition and iris detection.

Other claims interestingly plays a big role on saying that Apple’s next-generation iPhones will come with a “large pad on the inside” which will be there to facilitate wireless charging for the device. With the recent announcement of the company’s ARKit in iOS 11 SDK, suggests the fact that the iPhone 8 hardware is very much expected to ship with a vertically aligned dual-lens rear camera setup especially for AR and VR, all but confirms that we will be welcoming in some augmented reality capabilities.

In this case, we exactly don’t know how much of this has any basis in reality and how much of it is purely accurate, but again, it’s still wonderful to see some more information and get a chance to look at iOS 11 actually rendered onto a visualization of the new iPhone hardware in concept images.

(Source: iDrop News)

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