iPhone 8 To Come In 64GB, 256GB, 512GB Storage Configuration

Apple’s big rival Samsung has officially announced its Galaxy Note 8 in New York today, ahead of new iPhones launch. It doesn’t mean that Apple is going to drop its expectations of what it is going to announce later next month. From an iPhone 8 perspective, Apple will introduce three new phones during its official media event in September 2017.

iPhone 8’s exclusive features and aesthetic design in the bag, Chinese source GeekBar on Weibo is purely focusing on the potential storage capacities of Apple’s iPhone 8. With having a fairly track record. The source suggesting that the Cupertino-based firm will go to market with a trio storage options.

The information provided by the source is also suggesting that Apple will double the storage capacity of the base entry-level device by offering users a 64GB iPhone 8. If you go with the suggestions then Apple will miss the 128GB option by providing users with a 256GB capacity. And the high-end top-storage option you will get with the iPhone lineup is offering a staggering 512GB of onboard storage space.

The 512GB iPhone 8, iPhone 7s / 7s Plus will be the first of its kind entering the market this year.

The source further claims that the 64GB and 256GB storage chips will be provided by Toshiba and SanDisk. While the 512GB chips by Samsung and Hynix. Moreover, a photo of an alleged 64GB storage chip by SanDisk for the iPhone 8 leaked on the web already.

No doubt that each iPhone 8 model, regardless of the storage capacity, will cost a pretty penny. With 512GB option there, does materialize then the pricing will likely be eye-watering (above $1200). No surprise that Apple could potentially double up on storage space from 32GB to 64GB for the base models of iPhone lineup. It’s been also documented that iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 users will likely have that luxury. The new iPhone range will instantly fall in line with the 2017 iPad Pro which already sits at 64GB for the entry-level model and also has 256GB and 512GB storage options hands-on.

This information released is meant for those who are willing to part with a ton of cash will be able to have an iPhone, offering 512GB of storage as a high-end option or portable MacBook Pro. The existence of a 512GB iPhone is exciting, but not entirely unexpected.

In fact, those invested in the iOS ecosystem can pick up iPad Pro with 512GB on board. Consumers are storing more and more content and that 4K movies are said to be coming to iTunes very soon. Apple would try and converge the two “Pro” lines by offering this high-end iPhone 8 beast.

Apple expected to unveil and hold a dedicated media event in early to mid-September to introduce the next-gen iPhone. Stay tuned for more!

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