iPhone 8 Wireless Charging To Be Limited To 7.5W [Rumor]

Various rumors and reports have already confirmed that the iPhone 8 will be coming with wireless charging support, making the first time such a charging option has made its way to the iPhone following years of being available on even mid-range Android devices.

Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to be announced during a media event towards the middle of September. Macotakara is the latest Japanese publication notes that Apple has opted to use the slower standard charging profile, which means the inductive charging will run at 7.5W, about half the speed of the latest Qi 1.2 standards.

The unnamed sources also note that Apple may require MFI licenses for third-party charging pads, which would mean existing Q1 charging accessories would be unsupported. Apple’s own Apple Watch already supports wireless charging, and now, as per this report – we have learned some facts about iPhone 8’s own charging capabilities.

Reports in the past suggested that the wireless charging functionality may not be enabled at a software level when the new phones ship. If set, then, iPhone 8 will be limited to 7.5W wireless charging. That particular revelation would mean that the iPhone 8 is not capable of the same 15W fast charging, Android boasts. So charging via Qi-compatible chargers is possible, it will simply not be a quick to do so as offerings by the likes of Samsung.

Wireless charging will be a flagship feature on all of the new 2017 iPhones; the ‘7s’ models and the radically redesigned OLED iPhone 8 (unofficial naming).

Macotakara cites an “information resource that is well versed in WPC” when making the claims. With WPC being the Wireless Power Consortium whose Qi 1.2x standard would allow for 15W charging capabilities. Indeed, if Apple shipping an iPhone that is not capable of fast wireless charging, then the decision would certainly be curious, especially given the ultra-premium approach the iPhone 8 appears to be taking.

We have also seen a purported photo of the iPhone 8 printed circuit board. KGI reported that Apple will use a cutting-edge L-shaped stacked board design back, and these leaks corroborate those claims.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be announced alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus on or around September 12th. Stay tuned for more!

(Source: Macotakara [Google Translate])

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