Looks Like iPhone SE 2017 Is Getting A Big Redesign, Photos Leaked Online

First released last year, the iPhone SE played an integral part of Apple’s iPhone lineup, confirming the company’s interest in providing a pocketable iPhone with high-end specs to those buyers looking for a smaller handset. Perhaps the design is one big reason for the lack of attention, since it’s not quite as appealing or as impressive as Apple’s flagship iPhones, though. This iPhone 5s lookalike sports iPhone 6s internals and lower pricing still became quite popular with some customers. A new leak from Asia now appears to suggest Apple may update the iPhone SE with a big design form factor in the near future.

All the attention right now is on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 and the revamped architecture that will come with it. In fact, that made strong impact to easily forget that Apple has another iPhone in its lineup, the iPhone SE. However, it seems like getting ready for a refresh at this stage, and there has no concrete news as to whether one is in the works, a newly leaked photo appears to show what is believed to be the iPhone SE 2.

An image posted over on Weibo shows what appears to be the rear panel of an iPhone SE, as per the person who leaked it, which are destined for an unannounced and hitherto rumor-less iPhone model. If this indeed the iPhone SE 2017 variant, then this would be the concrete proof – attempting to say that a new iPhone SE Series 2 is on its way.

Looking at the leaked rear panels of the next-generation iPhone SE, it immediately noticeable that it features cutouts that would fit a vertical camera assembly. Nevertheless, we’re probably looking at a camera and flash setup, rather than a vertical dual lens camera akin to what others expecting on the iPhone 8.

In the leaked photo, the new panels are made of Ion-X glass, the same material used for some Apple Watch models, and potentially suggesting wireless charging will be coming to all new iPhones this year if existing iPhone 8 rumors are accurate.

iPhone SE 2017
A Google Translate translation of the message reveals in the image is a sheep of paper which includes the designation N79, suggesting that this is the model number the new iPhone SE has within Apple and its hardware partners. Also says the iPhone SE component is made of glass, just like what we’re expecting to see from the iPhone 8’s rear shell, and maybe even the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

What we can and we don’t expect is that an updated iPhone SE model to arrive soon, with some suggesting Q1 of 2018 is the most likely window for release. Or could the new SE be unveiled at WWDC 2017, the Weibo user also suggests. If the new glass panel is there to enable wireless charging, it’s doubtful that the phone will debut before the iPhone 8 in September.

It is unclear what it’s going to be. Will Apple decided to sell the device as iPhone SE? iPhone SE 2 doesn’t actually sound right at all. A naming scheme that Apple has adopted for the Apple Watch family, the Series 2 could be the case. Stay tuned for more!

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