Apple’s New 4-inch iPhone To Be Called Neither 6c Nor 5se, But It’s iPhone SE

Rumors already there regarding the 4-inch “iPhone 5SE” but not be called the iPhone 5se after all, with a new report claiming that Apple will drop the ‘5’ from the name, which makes it the new iPhone SE.

Previously is was rumored that the 4-inch iPhone was dubbed ‘iPhone 6c’ later it changed that name and called it ‘iPhone 5se’, after it was said to be the ‘iPhone 7c’. Now, however, it is being recalimed that Apple’s 4-inch iPhone, set to be announced at an event in March, will simply be called the iPhone SE.


According to the reports 9to5Mac points that, the new name would be a shift in focus on the 4-inch iPhone’s “enhanced and special edition” status and stand out from the numerically named crowd of the iPhone family. With the new iPhone SE set to replace the existing iPhone 5c in the iPhone arena, the assumption that it would keep the 5 moniker was one that always stuck us as odd given the fact it would lay claim to hardware and software, essentially be an amalgamation of both the 5s and iPhone 6/6s.

Based on Apple reinvigorating the 4-inch iPhone screen size at a time where the market is mostly moving toward larger smartphone screens, it would make sense for Apple to position this device as simply the “SE.” Sources say that the dropping of the “5” from the name also simplifies the iPhone lineup as bringing back an iPhone “5” variant amid the iPhone “6” lifecycle could potentially confuse customers. The iPhone SE will replace the existing iPhone 5s and will take its price points.”

Mock-ups from earlier in the week suggested that the iPhone SE design will look simply-identical to that of the iPhone 5s, with that said, the body measuring in at 123.8mm tall, 58.6mm wide, and 7.6mm thick. And the new, updated 4-inch iPhone simply carrying the iPhone SE name is said to have an A9 processor, an M9 chip to accommodate the new fitness tracking features of iOS, and include “Hey Siri,” Apple Pay, and Live Photos support.

If you admit this, then Apple doesn’t include release numbers in its other hardware except the iPad, and may be changing soon too if the iPad Air 3 is indeed a smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro. Then, the design renderings of the iPhone SE show accepting claims in regards to the new iPhone’s power button placement and camera, would support an 8MP system. Expected that this iPhone SE to come in the four color options of the iPhone line – includes Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, and Gold — and be available in the market with 16GB to 64GB storage sizes. Whatever it is called, the new 4-inch iPhone is coming with a motion trcaking solution, iPhone 6s-like always-on Siri support, upgraded camera module, WiFi and Bluetooth spec, NFC and Pay as well.

The iPhone SE is set to be unveiled at an un-confirmed event on Martch 15th, with the hardware going on sale a matter of days later. This media event also shows up the 9.7-inch iPad Air 3/ iPad Pro debut.

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