iPhone May No Longer Require SIM For Activation

Those who bought or restored iPhones or else will no doubt be familiar with the fact that if you want to be able to activate one of Apple‘s smartphones, you will definitely need to have an active SIM inserted in order to get started. This would be a situation somewhat irritating more often than you might think.

However, we have something real news to talk about the reports that suggests this is no longer an issue, meaning one of the biggest irritations we have with the initial setup process may be gone for good where a message “SIM Required” would display and would force you to put a SIM card in the phone in order to use it.

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The first report we received suggesting the iPhone no longer required a SIM to be in place in order to be activated came from YouTuber Micheal Billing who initially believed that the new feature was part of the iOS 12 beta 6 release. After further ado and testing, it would appear that this is not the case but rather that Apple has changed either server-side or that this is something that was actually changed in previous iOS 11.x releases.

What we know for now is that an iOS 11.4.1 installed on iPhone was also able to be activated without the need for a SIM to be inserted, for example.

If you’ve restored an iPhone recently and haven’t had to have a SIM inserted for activation, then it is the case to let everyone know. It’s likely that won’t be noticed by many but if you’ve run into that particular roadblock before, you’re likely as pleased to see it go away as we are.

New in iOS 12 beta 6: Fresh restored iPhones no longer require a SIM card to activate the iPhone

(Source: Michael Billig [Twitter])

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