The iPhone X Cracked On The First Drop, Water, Scratch, Burn, Dent Tested [Videos]

It’s time for testing the all-new Apple’s iPhone X flagship smartphone. YouTubers all over the world decided to see how quickly they can destroy it in pursuit of channel views. Already there are iPhone X dunked in the river, scratch, burn, and bend test, and we are today showing you of an iPhone X drop test, which proved a surprising crack.

This subjected our brand new iPhone X to a scratch and drop test to determine how much this glass and stainless steel phone can handle. A test of durability, the strength of the structure, and to see whether or not the iPhone X likes to be submerged in water.

If you spent $1000 or more on an iPhone X, put a durable case on it now! Otherwise, you could face this.

Yes, Apple’s tenth-anniversary iPhone has a slick new look with a nearly bezel-less screen, glass back and stainless steel frame. And the glass back allows the X to have wireless charging like iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but it also means you now have two breakable surfaces to worry about.

What is damaging the iPhone X could be far more painful. Not only does the phone cost more, to begin with, repairing an X will also cost more than previous models. If you haven’t spent the $200, £200 or AU$300 extra for AppleCare+, replacing the screen can set you back $279, £286 or AU$419. The glass back only could cost you around $550, £556 or AU$819.

Jump right into the brand-new iPhone X handsets durability tests.

Scratch test

Most iPhone screens are prone to scratches, and with glass, on either side, the iPhone X has a more potential surface area to scratch. So you should be worried. But the stainless steel frame should, in theory, be together to scuff than the aluminum on previous models.

The CNET team has, first of all, tried to do some damage with a house key, probably the most serious offenders when it comes to scratches. They used for this test both Space Gray and Silver variants of the iPhone X to see if color made any difference to how obviously the scratch showed up.

Testing in progress, they rubbed the key across the glass back of both phones repeatedly, applying medium pressure, but was not able to produce any visible damage. same went for the stainless steel frame. When they rubbed the glass with medium grain sandpaper, the scratches were visible, and slightly more pronounced on the Space Gray variant. Doing the same of the stainless steel frame left no visible scuffs.

When they turned over the phones though, they noticed their screens already had some additional tiny dents and scratches just from rubbing up against the ceramic surface. The key test didn’t do much, and the sandpaper left a similar mark as on the back glass.

Drop test 1

After just one drop onto a sidewalk, the iPhone X already shows visible damage. When it’s done, the back hit first, but it then did a small flip and landed screen-side down with the back facing them so they could see the damage immediately. Thye glass from three of the four corners cracked at different degrees of severity and scuffed up the side of the camera front. The bottom right-hand corner took the biggest hit and had the largest fracture flanking the corner. Even the stainless steel on the frame looked chipped on this side where the phone hit the floor. The top right corner also had a small tear and scuff on the frame and appears to show another tiny bump on the bottom left-hand corner of the glass.

Drop test 2

This time around the iPhone X was been dropped from the same height (3ft), and face-down. It landed almost flat on the screen and didn’t flip over. As soon as they turned it over, they noticed new cracks on the bottom edge of the screen. The worst dent was on the bottom right-hand corner. The cracks radiated out from this point rebounding onto another scuff when they ran a finger on the circular dent on the bottom of the screen closer to the left-hand corner.

Once they turned off the screen, they found additional hairline fracture running from the bottom left where the second scuff was almost to the top of the phone. Everything still worked fine, but this iPhone X definitely looked banded up. Not good considering it was the first two drops.


The iPhone X can probably handle your everyday wear and tear, but dropping it without a case is out of the question. Even the stainless steel frame is susceptible to damage as we learned it only takes one bad drop to break the glass on this phone.

Check out the video below to see how iPhone X Water Test in Extreme conditions:

(by EverythingApplePro)

Here’s a Scratch, Burn, and Bend Test (video by JerryRigEverything):

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